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Battlespire box art
Setting The Battlespire
Planes of Oblivion
Time Period 3E 398
Developer Bethesda Softworks
Release Date
30 November 1997
Release Date
26 August 2015
Release Date
26 April 2022

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is a spin-off of the Elder Scrolls franchise and the only game in its series. Battlespire was originally conceived as an expansion to Daggerfall, but evolved into a standalone game. The action takes place within a single multi-level dungeon, the Battlespire, where the player is sent to investigate some unusual events. It was also the first Elder Scrolls game to feature a multiplayer option.

Battlespire is available for download from and Steam. The Steam version does not include multiplayer.

Quest Information

  • Quests — Stuck on a level? Your question may be answered here

Character Information

  • Attributes — The eight Attributes and their effects
  • Races — Detailed information on races
  • Skills — Information about the Skills available to your character
  • Character Creation — Explanation of how to create your character
    • Classes — Lists all predefined classes along with their skills and specifics

Gameplay Information

  • Books — Catalog of all books found in the game
  • Controls — Explanation of controls and default keybindings
  • Enchantments — A list of the various enchantments found in the game
  • Hints — All kinds of hints and tips for playing the game
  • Items — A list of items found in the game
    • Sigils — Information on these magical Daedric seals
  • Magic and Spells — Description of magic and spells in the game
  • Multiplayer — Information on the multiplayer mode

World Information

  • Creatures — Monsters in the game along with a picture, description, fighting tactics, etc.
  • NPCs — A list of NPCs found in the game

Technical Information

  • Running Under DOSBox — A detailed guide to playing Battlespire on DOSBox under a modern operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Technical Info — Information on bugs in the game, how to avoid/correct them, error messages, and possible methods on making the game run faster

Mods and Modding

  • Battlespire Files — Your one stop to all the latest editors, utilities, patches, and other Battlespire-related files
  • Battlespire File Formats — Information on the file formats used for game data and save files

Previews and Reviews

  • Features — List and some explanation of features found in the game and the required hardware to view it. Some information taken directly from Bethesda and some from rumors here and there
  • Official FAQ — An updated official FAQ on the Bethesda's website put up after the game was released. Contains some information on bugs, patches, improving gameplay, etc.
  • Older Official FAQ — The official FAQ for the game before it was released. Contains preview and related information.
  • README.TXT — The official readme that comes with the game
  • Screenshots — Several prerelease screenshots of the game
  • Unofficial FAQ — The unofficial FAQ of the game answering some commonly asked questions
  • Videos — Contains a few gameplay videos from around the internet

Miscellaneous Information

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