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Does anyone know anything about Cyndassa turning her brother into the Werewolf? I was doing the Werewolf quest and I tested out what would happen if I asked people about her. After someone gave the response shown in the top screen shot here:


it opened another dialogue choice for a woman named Elyrra Gaersmith. After I asked a few people about her they said she was a whore who works in a random tavern, and that she convinced Cyndassa to turn her own brother into a werewolf:


This opened up a third name, but the only responses are basically "the things kids do for attention" and "sibling rivalry is all the rage over in Cromhope" as shown in the first link.

Just to clarify things here - these changes are not in the original quest, instead are used within DFQFIX/Questpack which gives the chance to do an alternative path. So everyone who will play the game without DFQFIX won't get this dialogue.--Deepfighter (talk) 14:32, 8 February 2014 (GMT)

page style[edit]

The werebeast page needs to be corrected as it is in a first person style. 20:21, 8 August 2012 (UTC)

I'm on it. I've done the basic cleanup, now I just need to finish the quest myself to confirm that everything is accurate. ThuumofReason 23:45, 8 August 2012 (UTC)
I think you need to revert the article to the 24 March version. Firstly, the quest dungeon is randomly assigned in this quest. Secondly, you've completely removed the information detailing that the alternate path through the quest is supplied by a 3rd party mod. This information is critical! Players of standard 213 Daggerfall can _only_ complete the quest by killing the werebeast. Lastly, I'm not sure what the wiki policy is regarding first/second/third person style. However, the previous version of this article was written in second person style -- not first person style -- and so are most of the other Daggerfall quest articles.
I understand that very few people work on the Daggerfall articles, but it seems like you need to increase your knowledge about the game before making major edits. I encourage you to keep working on the Daggerfall articles and seek help with things that seem strange or you're unsure about. -- DelphiSnakeT+C 03:27, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
While I appreciate your concern, you should probably read this discussion in its entirety, where much of this is addressed. Specifically, the bit about the quest fix mods being akin to the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, as they fix the way the quest was intended to be done. ThuumofReason 10:01, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
Firstly, this quest was never intended to have an alternate path by BethSoft. The quest was not broken and 'patched'. The alternate pathway was the work of Donald Tipton, and was no way official, and is essentially a MOD. The change was made in the spirit of his Werefall mod. PLRDLF then patched Tipton's broken mod quest. This is even detailed on the DFQFix page on this site.
And apart from the alternate quest, you have still introduced error into the article as the quest dungeon is random -- unless the game always 'randomly' chooses that location (I know it's meant to be random from looking at the quest files).
After noticing this edit, I read over your talk page and noticed that several people have asked you to stop making major edits to Daggerfall articles that remove relevant information. I think you should probably read this in its entirety. I read over the discussion you linked to and will put my thoughts on the community portal. Let's get a consensus here before we continue making major changes. -- DelphiSnakeT+C 12:06, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
I just read that Community page discussion. I didn't know the alternate path wasn't originally part of the game, but now that I do, I have no problem with removing it. A lot of the notices on my talk page were actually people who had problems with my edits for different reasons than you do, I was trying to edit them to match current wiki standards and I was getting the argument that I shouldn't remove information that was incorrect, because PLR "worked hard on them" or something like that. I actually agree with a lot of the propositions you made, I just think we should note unofficial patches that fix issues left in the finished vanilla version of the game. ThuumofReason 16:12, 9 August 2012 (UTC)
Well it sounds like we basically agree on everything. I think it's good to discuss the unofficial patches and the alternate path of this quest. However, I think articles should assume the player is using the standard/official version of the game. Information on bug fixes provided in an unofficial patch/mod should be added to that, not replace it.
And I think you've made some good edits in Daggerfall articles that did remove information -- even if someone did work hard on it. For example, the Order of the Lamp article. -- DelphiSnakeT+C 05:48, 10 August 2012 (UTC)