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Achievements (specifically Xbox 360 Achievements, Steam Achievements and PlayStation 3 Trophies) are in-game awards given to the player for accomplishing various milestones in the game. Ten achievements are available in total with Dragonborn.

On the Xbox 360, a total of 250 Gamer Points are available; the "Points" column in the following table provides the Gamer Points associated with each specific achievement. On the PC, Steam achievements stand on their own and don't include points. In addition, use of console commands on PC versions does not prevent the awarding of achievements. On the PS3, the Trophies are sorted into types: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Special Edition includes Dragonborn achievements by default since the add-on is part of the base game. Note that the use of mods in the Special Edition disables achievement progress on both PC and console.

More detailed information on how to unlock each achievement can be obtained by clicking on the achievement's name.

SR-icon-PS3 Trophies.png Xbox360.png Points PS22.png Trophy Name of Achievement Description
DB-achievement-Outlander.png 20 Bronze Outlander Arrive on Solstheim
DB-achievement-The Temple of Miraak.png 20 Bronze The Temple of Miraak Complete The Temple of Miraak
DB-achievement-The Path of Knowledge.png 20 Bronze The Path of Knowledge Complete The Path of Knowledge
DB-achievement-At the Summit of Apocrypha.png 40 Silver At the Summit of Apocrypha Complete At the Summit of Apocrypha
DB-achievement-Dragon Aspect.png 20 Silver Dragon Aspect Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect
DB-achievement-Hidden Knowledge.png 40 Bronze Hidden Knowledge Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books
DB-achievement-Stalhrim Crafter.png 20 Silver Stalhrim Crafter Craft an item out of Stalhrim
DB-achievement-Dragonrider.png 20 Bronze Dragonrider Tame and ride 5 dragons
DB-achievement-Raven Rock Owner.png 20 Bronze Raven Rock Owner Own a house in Raven Rock
DB-achievement-Solstheim Explorer.png 30 Bronze Solstheim Explorer Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim

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