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Help free the ancient spirits of Ezduiin from an eternal curse.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Ezduiin — Aid Telenger and his students in the ruins of Ezduiin.
Quest Giver: Sirinque
Location(s): Ezduiin
Reward: Micro-Etched Ring
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 2715
Sirinque frees the spirits
In the ruins of Ezduiin, I found an enterprising researcher working with Telenger. She's concerned about the recent appearance of the spirits. She seeks a way to lay them to rest.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Sirinque.
  2. Use her crystal on weakened spirits.
  3. Talk to the spirit at the Ayleid vault.
  4. Solve the puzzle at the vault and collect the artifact.
  5. Talk to Sirinque.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can use Persuasion on Quaronaldil to receive a tip on which constellations you need to activate in order to solve the puzzle. The answer to the puzzle (in order) is: the Warrior, the Thief, the Serpent, the Mage.

Quest Stages[edit]

An Act of Kindness
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sirinque gave me a magical crystal. I need to engage the spirits of Ezduiin in combat, weaken them, and then focus my will through the crystal. This should send the spirits back to Aetherius.
Objective: Use Sirinque's Crystal on Weakened Spirits: 0/10
A powerful spirit appeared and asked me to speak with him. I'm to meet with him at the entrance to a vault on the edge of the ruins.
Objective: Talk to the Spirit at the Ancient Vault
Hidden Objective: Enter the Vault
Quaronaldil Duure told me of a puzzle that protects the powerful spell lattice inside the vault. I can solve the puzzle by selecting the correct four tiles.
Objective: Solve the Puzzle
Objective Hint: Activate the Mage, Thief, and Warrior
I've chosen four tiles, I should attempt to retrieve the relic within the chest. If I'm wrong, I will need to be quick to avoid the puzzle's defenses.
Objective: Collect the Relic
Now that I've retrieved the relic, I can give it [sic] Sirinque.
Objective: Talk to Sirinque
Sirinque is going to combine the relic with her own crystal. Quaronaldil Duure told her that the relic will amplify her crystal's power and lift the curse from Ezduiin.
Objective: Watch Sirinque Lift the Curse
☑Finishes quest I should speak to Sirinque now that she's finished her spell.
Objective: Talk to Sirinque
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