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[[File:{{{image}}}|Chef|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Chefs are vendors who sell cold cooked food.

For the list of vendors who sell both food and drinks, see Chefs & Brewers page. For the list of vendors who sell only drinks, see Brewers page.

Zone Settlement Store/Location Chef
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Firsthold Overlook Inn Rothondothrin [a]
Skywatch Sky's Edge Tavern Qamtir
Skywatch Manor Hazad
The Sleepy Eaglet Eranwen
Vulkhel Guard Salted Wings Tavern Hizala
Grahtwood Cormount Mongoth's Mouthwatering Meat Mongoth
Elden Root The Fruit Basket Magaelion [c]
The Gray Mire Central part Stokes-the-Flame
Haven Phynaster's Stride Elarie Two-Spoons [a]
Seaside Cookery Minaelion
Karthdar Karthdar Meats and Treats Heralbor
Redfur Trading Post Delicious Delights Kigum-dar
Meat, Mimics, and More Boeuf Sterone
Nazura's Nibbles Naruza
Sarandel's Carnival Eastern part of camp Uranyon
Greenshade Longhaven Erelruin's Home Erelruin
Marbruk The Parchment & Horn Braghul
Seaside Sanctuary Camp in southeastern part Azalil [a]
Woodhearth Five Claws Shashara
The Improbable Cutlet Firuin
Khenarthi's Roost Mistral The Boatman's Tail Fishcatcher
Temple of the Crescent Moons North of the Wayshrine Haina-daro
Malabal Tor Baandari Trading Post Silver Moons Inn Athemel
Silvenar More-Than-Meats Oleed-Meen
Vulkwasten Grushbub's Grub Grushbub
Reaper's March Arenthia The Empty Tankard Mahirr
Dune Fill Your Belly! Yanu-ma
Falinesti Autumn Site Dolian
Greenhill Goods of Greenhill Compicius Pitio
Rawl'kha The Outskirts Shasirba
The Waxing Crescent Duzal-ja
S'ren-ja Western side of central plaza Lienanarth
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Bergama Stone Oasis Inn Katayoun
Kozanset Caravan Commissary Soreheels
Sentinel Sisters of the Sands Inn Zerdesht
Bangkorai Bangkorai Garrison Fabremund Garnier
Evermore Anchor's Point Inn Thibauld Edilitte
Hallin's Stand The Drowsy Owl Comira
Martyr's Crossing Whisker-Lick Kitchen Greedy-Gut
Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress Sandor's Suds Sandor
Glenumbra Aldcroft Tent near southern docks Begnaud
Crosswych Crosswych Inn Smauk the Stewmaster
Daggerfall The Rosy Lion Xavier
Rivenspire Hoarfrost Downs Dusklight Inn Lily Bordier
Northpoint The Sloshing Tankard Himela Chow-Master
Shornhelm Dead Wolf Inn Coquina Plouff
Stormhaven Alcaire Castle Old Goat Inn Matilda Lemonds
Koeglin Village Sleepy Sailor Inn Logru
Shinji's Scarp Camp to the south of village Ogruk gro-Murtag
Wayrest Cloudy Dregs Inn Leobois Viliane
Stros M'Kai Port Hunding Screaming Mermaid Razzaq
The Spearhead Fenlil
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Dhalmora Patience Breeds Wealth Barnaxi
Pejureel's Provisions Pejureel
Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village Hroi's Hungry Corner Hroi Banner-Torn [b]
(?) Denskar Earth-Turner [b]
Deshaan Mournhold Comestibulary Chef Freki
The Flaming Nix Surond Redoran
Narsis Sup And Sup Well Abernura
Quarantine Serk Brooding Elf Inn Adryn Hlor
Shad Astula Near the docks Favel
Tal'Deic Fortress Sadis' Logistical Foodstuffs Sadis
Eastmarch Fort Amol Deldwine's Inn Makes-One-Soup
Jorunn's Stand Northwestern part Marvyn the Chef
Near northern gate Makes-Many-Soups
Mages Guild Puyatha
The Practical Traveler Ergrod the Cook
Windhelm The Sober Nord Tavern Fertab
The Rift Nimalten Gentle Dining Gentle Waters
Riften J'darzi's Fine Imports Alskar
The Withered Tree Wilrek Snow-Shod
Shor's Stone The Tapped Vein Watha Iceheart
Shadowfen Alten Corimont Sundry Swills Masarha
Hissmir Melil Beleth's Swamp Food Melil Beleth
Stormhold Coin Brothers' Cornerclub Sureeus
Stonefalls Davon's Watch The Watch House Mathis Uveran
Ebonheart The Ebony Flask Slatild
Soldiers' Camp Meadmoon
Kragenmoor The Sugar-Rot Slop House Bizinda [c]
Clockwork CityClockwork City (Crown Store) Brass Fortress The Cloisters Cuisine Administrator
Coldharbour Haj Uxith (?) Chef Neetizei
The Hollow City The Shining Star Afareen
Craglorn Belkarth Crossroads Tavern Egeria
Dragonstar Caravan Company Depot Burzgrag gro-Bugurz
Dragonstar Arena Pit-Fighter's Fare Logdotha
Eyevea Mages Guild Hall Galdas Indrano [a]
Gold CoastDark Brotherhood (Crown Store) Anvil Enrick's Public House Amanda Bruttia
Hew's BaneThieves Guild (Crown Store) Abah's Landing Hew's Mane He-Cuts-the-Flesh
MurkmireMurkmire (Crown Store) Lilmoth Tantalizing Tastes of Murkmire Ogzar
SummersetSummerset Alinor The Gilded Fork Anginil
VvardenfellMorrowind Seyda Neen The Saucy Nix Chow-Chow
Vivec City Waistworks Eating House Gilbara Morrard
WrothgarOrsinium (Crown Store) Graystone Quarry Boagog
Honor's Rest The Greasy Chin Chuck Wagon Lashbura
Morkul Stronghold Clan Longhouse Ushaga
Orsinium The Greedy Gut Obgurob
King's Cornerclub Yakhu
^aAppears at this location after related liberation/restoration quest.
^bAbandons this location once it becomes overrun by enemy forces.
^cHas the "Can you tell me about provisioning?" dialogue option.


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All Chefs have a small selection of furnishings for sale.

Name Type Cost Notes Description
ON-item-furnishing-Chef's Cleaver.jpg Chef's Cleaver Workshop
000025002,500 Gold Achievement: Recipe Compendium
This is bound to be a useful utensil to one who knows such a quantity of recipes.
ON-item-furnishing-Provisioner's Sign.jpg Provisioner's Sign Parlor
000050005,000 Gold Achievement: Master Provisioner
A sign earned by one who's become a master of the cooking fire and spoons.