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This article is about the skill. For the clothing items, see Items.

Clothing is a crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online. This profession's specialty is to create and improve light and medium armor in various styles of different races. To perform this task you need to be at a clothing station, which can also be used to conduct research on different kinds of light and medium armor traits. The list of ingredients (cloth, leather, raw fibers, and tannins) used in Clothing can be found here.

In addition to light and medium armor, the Clothing skill allows you to craft furnishings for your home.


The Clothing skill line is granted the first time you activate a clothing station. You can increase your skill by crafting or deconstructing light and medium armor, researching traits, and by completing Clothier Writs or Master Writs. In addition, you can earn free levels in the skill line by reading Skill Books, which may be found randomly on bookshelves anywhere. The skill books which increase Clothing are:

Clothier Dialogue[edit]

You can learn about this profession by speaking with some of the clothiers, "What exactly does a clothier do?" They reply, "We tan, weave, stitch—you name it. People in search of medium and light armor come to us. This requires fibers, leather, and a work table like those found in town. We also seek out style books and special ingredients for more advanced work."

I assume there's more to it than tanning and weaving?: "Yes, of course. During the tailoring process, we can choose a special trait for the work. It takes research to discover these techniques, but it's well worth the effort. Reinforced buckles, intricate detail work ... each brings a special benefit."

What else is involved?: "Well, the piece can be improved even more through the use of tannins. These elements can enhance the value and quality of your work. Just be cautious. You risk ruining the piece if you're not careful. Improving on perfection is no mean feat!"

Skill Perks[edit]

Clothing has an associated skill line that is revealed through use of the Clothing profession. Known abilities are listed below. Notes

  • The numbers displayed here are the base values for the skills. Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 7958, Max Health 8744, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1037. The actual numbers you see in the game may depend on a variety of factors, including skill line rank, your equipped weapons and armor, other skills, enchantments, etc. As such, they should only be used as a comparative reference.

Skills with this icon may need to be updated following changes in Update 25.

Passive Abilities[edit]

Passive abilities are active all the time, and affect the outcome of Clothing related activities.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Tailoring.png Tailoring 1 1 free Allows the use of Jute and Rawhide.
5 2 Allows the use of Flax and Hide.
10 3 Allows the use of Cotton and Leather.
15 4 Allows the use of Spidersilk and Thick Leather.
20 5 Allows the use of Ebonthread and Fell Hide.
25 6 Allows the use of Kresh Fiber and Topgrain Hide.
30 7 Allows the use of Ironthread and Iron Hide.
35 8 Allows the use of Silverweave and Superb Hide.
40 9 Allows the use of Void Cloth and Shadowhide.
50 10 Allows the use of Ancestor Silk and Rubedo Leather.
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Keen Eye.png Keen Eye: Cloth 2 1 Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
9 2 Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.
30 3 Fibrous plants in the world will be easier to see when you are 40 meters or closer.
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Outfitter Hireling.png Outfitter Hireling 3 1 An outfitter hireling will send you cloth or leather and possibly other items every day.
12 2 An outfitter hireling will send you more cloth or leather and possibly better items every day.
32 3 An Outfitter hireling will search for resources for you. A new delivery from your hireling can be claimed the next time you log in or change zones, provided it has been no less than twelve hours since the last bundle.
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Unraveling.png Unraveling 4 1 Improves the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful tannins from raw materials.
22 2 Greatly improves the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful tannins from raw materials.
32 3 Maximizes the chances of extracting Clothing ingredients and allows the refining of the most powerful tannins from raw materials.
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Stitching.png Stitching 8 1 Reduces research times by 5% and allows the research of two items at once.
18 2 Reduces research times by 10% and allows the research of two items at once.
28 3 Reduces research times by 20% and allows the research of three items at once.
45 4 Reduces research times by 25%, limits research time to 30 days, and allows the research of three items at once.
ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Tannin Expertise.png Tannin Expertise 10 1 Increases the chances of improving items with tannins.
25 2 Greatly increases the chances of improving items with tannins.
40 3 More than doubles the chances to improve items with tannins.

Skill points[edit]

The table below shows the amount of skill points required in order to max out the Clothing skill line.

Order Progression Skill points required
1 Tailoring 9
2 Keen Eye: Cloth 3
3 Outfitter Hireling 3
4 Unraveling 3
5 Stitching 4
6 Tannin Expertise 3
Totals: All 25

Clothing Stations[edit]

Clothing stations can be found in towns, usually next to other crafting stations. At a clothing station, you can refine raw materials, craft new items, deconstruct existing items to retrieve material components, improve the quality of an item by using tannins, or research a trait by destroying an existing item. At a crafting station, your inventory is virtually merged with your bank, so you can use items from your inventory or your bank for any operation, but the materials from the inventory are used first.


You can refine raw resources in batches of 10, obtaining 7-10 materials suitable for crafting and possibly a gem or a tannin. The materials refine into the following:

Light Armor[edit]

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level
Raw Jute Jute 00Homespun Armor 1 - 14
Raw Flax Flax 01Linen Armor 16 - 24
Raw Cotton Cotton 02Cotton Armor 26 - 34
Raw Spidersilk Spidersilk 03Spidersilk Armor 36 - 44
Raw Ebonthread Ebonthread 04Ebonthread Armor 46 - 50
Raw Kreshweed Kresh Fiber 05Kresh Armor Champion Points10 - 30
Raw Ironweed Ironthread 06Ironthread Armor Champion Points40 - 60
Raw Silverweed Silverweave 07Silverweave Armor Champion Points70 - 80
Raw Void Bloom Void Cloth 08Shadowspun Armor Champion Points90 - 140
Raw Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk 09Ancient Silk Armor Champion Points150 - 160

Medium Armor[edit]

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level
Rawhide Scraps Rawhide 00Rawhide Armor 1 - 14
Hide Scraps Hide 01Hide Armor 16 - 24
Leather Scraps Leather 02Leather Armor 26 - 34
Thick Leather Scraps Thick Leather 03Full-Leather Armor 36 - 44
Fell Hide Scraps Fellhide 04Fell Armor 46 - 50
Topgrain Hide Scraps Topgrain Hide 05Brigandine Armor Champion Points10 - 30
Iron Hide Scraps Iron Hide 06Ironhide Armor Champion Points40 - 60
Super Hide Scraps Superb Hide 07Superb Armor Champion Points70 - 80
Shadowhide Scraps Shadowhide 08Shadowhide Armor Champion Points90 - 140
Rubedo Hide Scraps Rubedo Leather 09Rubedo Leather Armor Champion Points150 - 160

Crafting new items[edit]

Clothing allows you to create cloth armor (light) or leather armor (medium). Initially you can craft from Jute and Hide, but when you improve your Clothing skill and apply skill points towards Tailoring, you get access to higher tier materials. For each material you can create items with a range of armor values and level requirements, depending on how much material you choose to use. Once you have access to a material, you can create every item out of it. See this page for the full list of the cloth and leather used in Clothing.

To craft a new item, you must choose the type of the item (robe, hat, etc.), the type and quantity of the material to use, the style of the item to create (this is required, and every style requires a specific secondary ingredient), and optionally a trait to add among the traits you have unlocked for this specific item type (adding a trait requires a tertiary ingredient).

Deconstructing items[edit]

You can deconstruct a piece of armor at a clothing station. The process destroys the item, but allows the recovery of refined materials, secondary (style) or tertiary (trait) ingredients that were used to create this item, and the extraction of a tannin of the item's quality. The chances of extracting each material are calculated separately, and are improved with higher ranks of the Unravelling skill. Finally, you will always get some Clothing experience, but much less will be obtained from deconstructing an item you made yourself.

Improving items[edit]

At a clothing station, you can apply tannins to items to try and improve them. Each improvement has only a chance of success, the higher the tier of the item the smaller the chance. Tannins can be obtained when refining raw fibers and scraps.


Having an item with a trait, you can learn how to create other items of the same type with the same trait. Research takes predefined time and destroys the item. For a given item type researching the first trait lasts 6 hours, and each next trait takes twice longer than the previous. You can only research one trait per profession at a time; however, each profession has a perk (for Clothing it is Stitching) that allows you to have two or three parallel research processes. Traits on different types of items are completely separate, so if you learned a trait on a robe you can only apply it to a robe and not to a hat, and time for researching a trait for a robe will only depend on how many traits you have already discovered for a robe.


There are numerous styles available to wear in Elder Scrolls Online. Most of these styles are craftable and can be learned with the appropriate crafting motifs, skills and ingredients. Others exist purely as visual changes whereby they overlay their design over your existing equipment via the Outfit System or costumes. Other styles exist in the game, but are limited, unavailable or yet to be released. This page serves as an outline of these.

Craftable Styles[edit]

Weapons and Armor can be crafted in a variety of styles. Crafting an item in a specific style requires a secondary ingredient. Each character starts with the ability to create items in their own racial style, and other styles may be learned from special consumable books called motifs. These books along with secondary ingredients may be randomly found in containers (other than crates and barrels) throughout the world. The first fourteen motif listed below can be found throughout the world regardless of zone. As of Update 17, it is possible to change the appearance of worn items to any learned style at an Outfit Station.

Besides that, secondary ingredients may be obtained when deconstructing an item of the respective style, and the ingredients for the ten basic racial styles are sold by vendors at crafting stations. Crafting hirelings for Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking will also sell all types of racial style materials (for Motifs 1-10).

Style Material Motif
Altmer Style 18px Adamantite 18px Crafting Motif 1: High Elf Style
Dunmer Style 18px Obsidian 18px Crafting Motif 2: Dark Elf Style
Bosmer Style 18px Bone 18px Crafting Motif 3: Wood Elf Style
Nord Style 18px Corundum 18px Crafting Motif 4: Nord Style
Breton Style 18px Molybdenum 18px Crafting Motif 5: Breton Style
Redguard Style 18px Starmetal 18px Crafting Motif 6: Redguard Style
Khajiit Style 18px Moonstone 18px Crafting Motif 7: Khajiit Style
Orcish Style 18px Manganese 18px Crafting Motif 8: Orc Style
Argonian Style 18px Flint 18px Crafting Motif 9: Argonian Style
Imperial Style 18px Nickel 18px Crafting Motif 10: Imperial Style
Ancient Elf Style 18px Palladium 18px Crafting Motif 11: Ancient Elf Style
Barbaric Style 18px Bronze 18px Crafting Motif 12: Barbaric Style
Primal Style 18px Argentum 18px Crafting Motif 13: Primal Style
Daedric Style 18px Daedra Heart 18px Crafting Motif 14: Daedric Style
Dwemer Style 18px Dwemer Frame 18px Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer Style
Glass Style 18px Malachite 18px Crafting Motif 16: Glass Style
Xivkyn Style 18px Charcoal of Remorse 18px Crafting Motif 17: Xivkyn Style
Akaviri Style 18px Goldscale 18px Crafting Motif 18: Akaviri
Mercenary Style 18px Laurel 18px Crafting Motif 19: Mercenary Style
Yokudan Style 18px Ferrous Salts 18px Crafting Motif 20: Yokudan Style
Ancient Orc Style 18px Cassiterite 18px Crafting Motif 21: Ancient Orc Style
Trinimac Style 18px Auric Tusk 18px Crafting Motif 22: Trinimac
Malacath Style 18px Potash 18px Crafting Motif 23: Malacath Style
Outlaw Style 18px Rogue's Soot 18px Crafting Motif 24: Outlaw Style
Aldmeri Dominion Style 18px Eagle Feather 18px Crafting Motif 25: Aldmeri Dominion Style
Daggerfall Covenant Style 18px Lion Fang 18px Crafting Motif 26: Daggerfall Covenant Style
Ebonheart Pact Style 18px Dragon Scute 18px Crafting Motif 27: Ebonheart Pact Style
Ra Gada Style 18px Ancient Sandstone 18px Crafting Motif 28: Ra Gada Style
Soul-Shriven Style 18px Azure Plasm 18px Crafting Motif 29: Soul-Shriven Style
Morag Tong Style 18px Boiled Carapace 18px Crafting Motif 30: Morag Tong Style
Skinchanger Style 18px Wolfsbane Incense 18px Crafting Motif 31: Skinchanger Style
Abah's Watch Style 18px Polished Shilling 18px Crafting Motif 32: Abah's Watch
Thieves Guild Style 18px Fine Chalk 18px Crafting Motif 33: Thieves Guild
Assassins League Style 18px Tainted Blood 18px Crafting Motif 34: Assassins League Style
Dro-m'Athra Style 18px Defiled Whiskers 18px Crafting Motif 35: Dro-m'Athra Style
Dark Brotherhood Style 18px Black Beeswax 18px Crafting Motif 36: Dark Brotherhood
Ebony Style 18px Night Pumice 18px Crafting Motif 37: Ebony Style
Draugr Style 18px Pristine Shroud 18px Crafting Motif 38: Draugr Style
Minotaur Style 18px Oxblood Fungus 18px Crafting Motif 39: Minotaur
Order of the Hour Style 18px Pearl Sand 18px Crafting Motif 40: Order Hour Style
Celestial Style 18px Star Sapphire 18px Crafting Motif 41: Celestial
Hollowjack Style 18px Amber Marble 18px Crafting Motif 42: Hollowjack Style
Grim Harlequin StyleCrown Store 18px Grinstones 18px Crafting Motif 43: Grim Harlequin Style
Silken Ring Style 18px Distilled Slowsilver 18px Crafting Motif 44: Silken Ring
Mazzatun Style 18px Leviathan Scrimshaw 18px Crafting Motif 45: Mazzatun
Stalhrim Frostcaster StyleCrown Store 18px Stalhrim Shard 18px Crafting Motif 46: Frostcaster Style
Buoyant Armiger Style 18px Volcanic Viridian 18px Crafting Motif 47: Buoyant Armiger
Ashlander Style 18px Ash Canvas 18px Crafting Motif 48: Ashlander Style
Militant Ordinator Style 18px Lustrous Sphalerite 18px Crafting Motif 49: Militant Ordinator Style
Telvanni Style 18px Wrought Ferrofungus 18px Crafting Motif 50: Telvanni Style
Hlaalu Style 18px Refined Bonemold Resin 18px Crafting Motif 51: Hlaalu Style
Redoran Style 18px Polished Scarab Elytra 18px Crafting Motif 52: Redoran Style
Tsaesci StyleCrown Store 18px Snake Fang 18px Crafting Motif 53: Tsaesci Style
Bloodforge Style 18px Bloodroot Flux 18px Crafting Motif 54: Bloodforge Style
Dreadhorn Style 18px Minotaur Bezoar 18px Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn
Apostle Style 18px Tempered Brass 18px Crafting Motif 56: Apostle
Ebonshadow Style 18px Tenebrous Cord 18px Crafting Motif 57: Ebonshadow Style
Fang Lair Style 18px Dragon Bone 18px Crafting Motif 58: Fang Lair
Scalecaller Style 18px Infected Flesh 18px Crafting Motif 59: Scalecaller
Worm Cult Style 18px Desecrated Grave Soil 18px Crafting Motif 60: Worm Cult
Psijic Style 18px Vitrified Malondo 18px Crafting Motif 61: Psijic
Sapiarch Style 18px Culanda Lacquer 18px Crafting Motif 62: Sapiarch
Dremora Style 18px Warrior's Heart Ashes 18px Crafting Motif 63: Dremora
Pyandonean Style 18px Sea Serpent Hide 18px Crafting Motif 64: Pyandonean Style
Huntsman Style 18px Bloodscent Dew 18px Crafting Motif 65: Huntsman
Silver Dawn Style 18px Argent Pelt 18px Crafting Motif 66: Silver Dawn
Welkynar Style 18px Gryphon Plume 18px Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar
Honor Guard Style 18px Red Diamond Seal 18px Crafting Motif 68: Honor Guard Style
Dead-Water Style 18px Crocodile Leather 18px Crafting Motif 69: Dead-Water Style
Elder Argonian Style 18px Hackwing Plumage 18px Crafting Motif 70: Elder Argonian
Coldsnap Style 18px Goblin-Cloth Scrap 18px Crafting Motif 71: Coldsnap Style
Meridian Style 18px Auroran Dust 18px Crafting Motif 72: Meridian Style
Anequina Style 18px Shimmering Sand 18px Crafting Motif 73: Anequina Style
Pellitine Style 18px Dragonthread 18px Crafting Motif 74: Pellitine Style
Sunspire Style 18px Frost Embers 18px Crafting Motif 75: Sunspire Style
Dragonguard Style 18px Gilding Salts 18px Crafting Motif 76: Dragonguard Style
Stags of Z'en Style 18px Oath Cord 18px Crafting Motif 77: Stags of Z'en Style
Moongrave Fane Style 18px Blood of Sahrotnax 18px Crafting Motif 78: Moongrave Fane Style
Refabricated Style 18px Polished Rivets 18px Crafting Motif 79: Refabricated Style
Shield of Senchal Style 18px Carmine Shieldsilk 18px Crafting Motif 80: Shield of Senchal Style


A weapon or piece of armor can have a single trait (in addition to an enchantment). These traits can be researched at crafting stations from an existing item which possesses the trait, destroying the item in the process. To add a trait when crafting one must use a tertiary ingredient.

Trait (Armor) Material Description
Sturdy 24px Quartz Give a 22% chance to avoid decay when wielder is defeated
Impenetrable 24px Diamond Increases resistance to Critical hits by 60
Reinforced 24px Sardonyx Increases this item's Armor value by 4%
Well-fitted 24px Almandine Reduces the cost of Sprinting by 2%
Training 24px Emerald Increases armor skill line experience with this armor type by 11%
Infused 24px Bloodstone Increases this item's armor enchantment effect by 8%
Exploration 24px Garnet Increases exploration experience gained by 6%
Divines 24px Sapphire Increases Mundus Stone effects by 4%


There are a number of achievements associated with Clothing.

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clothier.png Master Clothier 50 Attain a Clothing rank of 50. Clothier Purple
Clothier's Sign (image) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clothier.png Legendary Clothier 50 Improve Clothing items to all available Qualities. Ironweed Violet
ON-icon-achievement-Bast Harvester.png Bast Harvester 5 Harvest your first unit of Bast.

ON-icon-achievement-Expert Bast Harvester.png Expert Bast Harvester 10 Harvest 25 units of Bast.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Bast Harvester.png Master Bast Harvester 15 Harvest 100 units of Bast.
Clean Pelts
ON-icon-achievement-Clean Pelt Harvester.png Clean Pelt Harvester 5 Harvest your first Clean Pelt.

ON-icon-achievement-Expert Clean Pelt Harvester.png Expert Clean Pelt Harvester 10 Harvest 25 Clean Pelts.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clean Pelt Harvester.png Master Clean Pelt Harvester 15 Harvest 100 Clean Pelts.
ON-icon-achievement-Novice Clothing Furnisher.png Novice Clothing Furnisher 10 Learn your first Clothing Pattern.

ON-icon-achievement-Expert Clothing Furnisher.png Expert Clothing Furnisher 15 Learn 25 Clothing Patterns.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clothing Furnisher.png Master Clothing Furnisher 50 Learn 100 Clothing Patterns.