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Concentrated Force (Perfected) is an Asylum Weapons item set awarded from Asylum Sanctorium from defeating Saint Olms the Just in Veteran mode. If you do so at Normal difficulty, you will receive the Concentrated Force set items instead, which are the same but work on every third cast instead of every second.

Set pieces are Apostle Style.


2 items: Every second cast of Force Shock will always apply the Burning, Concussion, and Chilled status effects. The Force Shock casts must be made within 10 seconds of each other for this effect to occur.


The set consists of destruction staves of all three types, in all possible traits. For detailed weapon stats and set values, see individual item pages by clicking on the links below.


  • While the description states that 2 items are required, this is because staves are 2-handed weapons, and thus count as 2 items by themselves, so only 1 item is actually needed.