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Endurance is a dropped item set. It cannot be crafted.


2 items: Adds 22-1928 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 7-618 Health Recovery


The set consists of jewelry and a weapon. The necklace and rings can drop in any trait, and the weapon can come in all traits, all styles, and all weapon types.[verification needed — see talk page]

Drop Locations[edit]

  • The final boss of any group dungeon, provided all prior bosses and minibosses have been defeated. The item scales to the player's level.
  • Opening the reward chests within the Legionary or Planar Armor trophy vaults within the Imperial City. The item will scale to your level.
  • From mailed reward for completing a random dungeon from the group finder tool. (Item scales to the level when it was earned, not when opened).