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During the early days of Ra Gada, Prince Hubalajad claimed this Hammerfell peninsula for his own. When all his ambitious endeavors ended in failure, the region acquired the nickname Hews' Bane—and it stuck.
Hew's Bane
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Skyshards 6
Southern Hammerfell
Hew's Bane

Hew's Bane, originally known as Khefrem's Boot, is a peninsula in southern Khefrem on the south coast of Hammerfell. The region is named after Prince Hubalajad, or "Prince Hew", who attempted to bring civilization to this corner of Hammerfell in the early days of the Ra Gada. He discovered a barren peninsula hostile to most life; scorching heat and seasonal flooding led to brackish water and ground which was unsuitable for crops. Despite his best efforts, Prince Hew was foiled at every turn, and nearly all his endeavors resulted in failure.

Hew's Bane is a DLC zone added by the Thieves Guild DLC.





Group Bosses[edit]

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Unmarked Locations[edit]


For Thieves Guild faction quests, please see Thieves Guild Quests.

Side Quests[edit]


Clue Location Notes
The bank's finest treasure. On top level of the Bank of Abah's Landing building, accessible through the chironasium. (map)
Near what is now Lost. Southeast of The Lost Pavilion, in a niche with scorpions nearby. (map)
On the shoulder of the arch. Southeast of Forebear's Junction, on top of rocks, not too far off the road. (map)
Overlooking the home of the Deep. On rocks overlooking Ko Estaran from the northeast. (map)
Necromancer's passage to the rafters. Inside Bahraha's Gloom, on the upper level of the dungeon, accessible from the final room. (map)
Highest point in the Grotto. Inside Shark's Teeth Grotto: on Plank Hill, on the upper level. (map)


  • Entering Abah's Landing for the first time will unlock the Thieves Guild skill line.
  • As of Update 10, the service icons in Abah's Landing also appear on the zone map.