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Location Bthzark
Ship The Spearhead, The Dawn Posset
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Neramo is an Altmer who is initially found outside a Dwemer ruin called Bthzark on Stros M'Kai. After you help him, he will join Captain Kaleen's crew and participate in several quests.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Buried Secrets[edit]

You'll come across Neramo outside Bthzark west of Port Hunding where he has a small camp set up (map):

"Miraculous. To think that the Dwemer of old Volenfell settled as far as Stros M'Kai!
My brother and I have scoured the ruin's exterior for some time now, but we have never been able to get inside."
Why do you want to get inside?
"Several reasons. One is that Headman Bhosek commissioned me to explore the ruins.
A fascinating aspect of Dwemer ruins are the ancient mechanisms to be found inside. Bhosek thinks to use them in Port Hunding. I need to get inside to investigate."
Perhaps I can help.

You can ask Neramo more about the Dwemer:

"An excellent suggestion. I believe this automaton can unseal the door, if it can be reassembled and controlled.
I have its control rod but two focusing crystals seem to be missing. Find them and I'll do the rest."
What can you tell me about the Dwemer?
"Some call them Dwarves—a race of brilliant artisans and metalworkers who possessed great ingenuity. They built vast underground cities filled with remarkable inventions. Now such works are all that remain of the Dwemer."
What happened to them?
"None can say for sure. Some believe they achieved divinity. Others claim they were consumed by some folly of their own. Perhaps both are true. But long ago they vanished, the entire race, leaving little but their marvelous treasures behind."
"Dim the gleam of avarice I see in your eyes. The treasure I seek is knowledge, worthless to any but a scholar. Those who help me acquire this can expect to be well-rewarded, however."

If you speak to him again before finding the crystals, he'll add:

"With the focusing crystals in hand, I can complete this control rod and safely reactivate the automaton. While you recover the crystals, I'll make the proper adjustments to the construct."

Once you've gathered the crystals, Neramo can be found outside the entrance to Bthzark:

"I've reassembled the spider, but I must be able to control it.
That reminds me—did you find the crystals?"
Yes, I have them right here.
"Splendid. Now, I just insert them into the rod like so. By the way, I hope you can destroy this mechanism if it attacks us."

Neramo will kneel down and fiddle with the Dwarven Spider next to him:

Neramo : "Let's see here …."
Neramo : "It works! I knew it would, of course."
Neramo : "Into the tunnel you go. Now to get that door open!"

The spider goes thru the entrance and Neramo beckons you:

Neramo : "At long last—Bthzark! Come, we'll talk of our next move inside."

Inside the dungeon, he'll tell you:

"As you see, Headman Bhosek's trust in my skills was not misplaced. Nor was my faith in your prowess.
Will you assist me on another task?"
What do you need?
"Despite the age of these ruins, I suspect the usual defenses are in place. As I am averse to danger, would you explore the ruins to locate any Dwemer generators inside?"
Generator? What's a generator?
"Oh. I suppose I'm the only one who calls them that.
'Independently Apportioning Dynamo Core' is a mouthful, but the Dwemer built them to last for generations. I say "generators" to honor their enduring nature."
All right. Tell me what I need to do./What do I do if I find them?
"This control rod will keep our new friend loyal to you.
I suspect the generators have been damaged over the years. You'll need to escort the spider to each and bid it to repair them."
"Search for the source of the failure. Use the control rod to spur the spider to act. It will do the rest!"

Once you've completed the task, you'll find him in the central chamber:

"Excellent work. Bthzark breathes again!
Now for a personal project. How would you like to earn a little more coin?"
I'm listening.
"As you see, we are not the first to enter Bthzark. In truth, I accepted Bhosek's request to explore these ruins only because they contain something I want, something I believe others died trying to obtain."
What's that?
"Knowledge is the greatest treasure. The Dwemer guarded their secrets as a king protects his gold. In Bthzark, the Dwemer hid a set of schematics, mechanical drawings that I greatly desire to possess."
And you need my help to find them.
"An easy task. Those earlier explorers likely retrieved them, only to find themselves sealed inside Bthzark through some treachery. Their misfortune is my—our—gain. We must find where they perished."
Fine. Let's go.
"There may be more constructs waiting on the other side of this door. You go first."

If you try to speak to him before moving on, he'll remark:

"There is always more to learn where Dwemer are involved. Let us be off!"

Once inside the inner chamber, Neramo will become excited:

Neramo : "So. The schematics were here. Someone took them."
Neramo : "I doubt they escaped."
Neramo : "These writings could prove crucial to understanding the schematics."
Neramo : "My brother should be able to decipher these. Interesting."
Neramo : "Continue looking for the schematics. I'll meet up with you shortly."

Neramo leaves you alone in the chamber do deal with the constructs and search for more clues. Make your way thru and you'll find Neramo outside the dungeon:

"Ah, there you are! I was just coming to, er, help you.
I hope you found what we were looking for."
As promised, I have your drawings.
"The schematics are mine at last! Splendid.
This places me in your debt. What would you ask of me in return?"
Help Captain Kaleen with the heist she's planning.
"I hear Kaleen intends to head toward the isle of Betnikh. The ruins there greatly interest me. But first, I will assist you in this heist."

Neramo will open a portal and step thru:

Neramo : "I must get the schematics to my workshop. Join me if you wish to return to town.
Come, Clanker."

Tip of the Spearhead[edit]

If you completed the previous quest before starting the heist, you'll find Neramo upstairs in Captain Kaleen's Hideout:

"The Dwemer were wonderful machinists. We could learn much from studying their works."

Once you've heard Kaleen's plan, you can ask Neramo for assistance:

"Oh. Yes, hello. This is fascinating. Did you know the Dwemer had devices to rapidly mince fruit?"
Neramo, can you help me get to Bhosek's lockbox?
"I can offer help with the guard, perhaps. You wish to deal with him quietly, correct?"
What's your idea?
"I removed this device from Clanker. When pressed, it produces quite the incapacitating shock.
If you would test it for me, preferably on a living subject, I would be grateful."
I'll take it. Thanks Neramo.
"Let me know if there are any lingering effects. Twitching, mainly. I'm quite curious about the twitching."
That sounds dangerous. I'll handle the guard my way.


Once the heist is completed and everyone is on board the Spearhead headed for Betnikh, he'll say:

"When active, Dwemer spiders have an extraordinary capacity for learning.
Now I have to stop Andrilion from teaching Clanker to bring him drinks."

Tormented Souls[edit]

Speak to Azlakha on the way to Moriseli and she'll tell you that Neramo is already investigating the site:

"Ahh, my old friend! Couldn't resist another exploration?
Be mindful, this one may be a touch more dangerous. Foul necromancy is at work here."
I heard you were here. What's going on?
"The mysteries of Nirn span beyond the Dwemer. The Ayleids fascinate me in equal measure. I had to see this place for myself.
The more vexing mystery at present, however, lies with these Orc spirits."
The spirits?
"Even you must have noticed the ghostly figures in the field. This is no ordinary haunting. Something brought them back and binds them here.
I suspect the answer is inside the catacombs."
Perhaps we should investigate.
"Indeed you should. The ruin is sealed magically, but it is a minor challenge. I shall unseal the door for you and await your return. My research is best done in safety."
I'm ready.
Neramo: "Just like old times, isn't it? I do like to have such a useful too— uh, ally, with me."

Neramo walks over to the entrance and cast a spell to unlock the door:

Neramo: "A proper application of magic to these stones … and the way is open!"

Speak to him before entering and he'll comment:

"You proved yourself capable in Bthzark. I trust you can handle whatever this ruin holds. I will remain at a safe distance."

At the end of the ruins you'll find him waiting with Andrilion, Ellashana, and Vimy Lacroix, where he'll say:

"Superbly done, as expected. I'll just take a look around now that you've cleared the way."

Carzog's Demise[edit]

Outside Carzog's Demise, Neramo will come running up to address Lambur:

Neramo: "The cultists have somehow sealed the doors with the welkynd stones."
Lambur: "Find a way into the ruins."
Lambur: "I need to find Kaleen!"

Lambur will then run off again towards the port.

Speak to Neramo and he'll say:

"The Orcs are being routed by a spirit army. The Bloodthorns have tapped into a power I've never seen before."
Neramo, how do I get inside?
"The crystals around the door are activated by three Welkynd stones in the ruins. I think I can handle one of them, but you'll need to deal with the other two."
I'll do my part.

Neramo will run into the ruins and get lost in the retreating soldiers.

Inside the Inner Sanctuary you'll find Neramo along with Captain Kaleen and the rest of the crew. You can hear the captain speak to Neramo about what's next:

Captain Kaleen: "What's the plan?"
Neramo: "Vardan is in the spirit realm, beyond the portal. He has the relic, and we must get it!"
Captain Kaleen: "We'll hold here, as long as it takes."

Speak to Neramo:

"I suspect that Vardan died when the portal closed. The body cannot survive without the soul."
What can you tell me, Neramo?
"The Bloodthorns created a portal to the spirit realm with this Welkynd stone. Vardan is on the other side, commanding the spirits slaying the Orcs. He's trapped over there since we closed the portal."
How can we stop him?
"Without the Breton ritual Vardan used, only one without a soul can cross the portal. That means you.
You must activate the Welkynd stone, enter the spirit realm, and kill Vardan."
I'm ready.

You'll instantly be transported into the spirit realm.

Defeat Vardan and you'll return to the mortal realm to witness a schism among the crew:

"This is a great moment! You will assist me in the study of this object, won't you?"
I can't just give you the relic.
"Why not? I'm the only one who might discover how it works. You can't hand it over to the fools who run the Covenant. Destroy it rather than that."
I haven't decided yet.
"Give it to me or destroy it. Those are the only choices I will accept."

If you decide to keep the relic, he'll only say:

"You're going to hand the relic to those fools? I cannot remain with someone who would make such a choice!"

Back in Daggerfall, he'll say:

"I will be blunt. You were a fool to trust a relic that powerful to these Bretons. If they do not use it for evil, they will harm themselves through their ignorance.
I believe I am done with both you and Captain Kaleen."

If you chose to banish the relic:


Quarry Conundrum[edit]

"Amazing! You were actually able to navigate the Dwemer defenses? You must either be exceptionally strong or exceedingly lucky. Either way, I can make use of that."
You're the High Elf working with the Orcs?
"Ah! So you've met them. I really do feel awful about what happened.
I offered my help because I suspected that the ruins of Mzindyne were down here, but I never expected such powerful defenses. This place is remarkable!"
Defenses? You mean the constructs?
"Yes, but I was referring to the fog. It was a most curious thing. As soon as we unearthed the door to this place, a heavy fog set in and the Dwemer spiders swarmed us.
I know how to handle Dwarven constructs. The Orcs, sadly, do not."
Do you have a plan for dealing with the constructs?
"These Dwemer systems are as sophisticated as they are ancient. I'm not sure we can disable the constructs now that they're fully operational, but we may be able to control them.
All we need to do is find the construct control center."
I'll look for the control center.
"I'd love to accompany you, but I have more research to complete. Mzindyne has its own idiosyncrasies and unique features.
Give me enough time and I'm sure to discover something that will benefit us in the long run."

As you approach the Orb of Illumination, he'll call out:

Neramo : "Fascinating!"
"Our paths cross again, thank the Eight! It's amazing how often good research leads to remarkable discoveries.
Since we parted, I have come to the conclusion that this is an automated quarry. Like the Orc pit above, only much more sophisticated."
That's an impressive-looking machine behind you.
"Isn't it, though? That's what we in the business call a remarkably well-preserved 'Orb of Illumination.'
I believe this Dwarven device may contain the key that allows us to bring Mzindyne's defenses under our control."
How does an Orb of Illumination work?
"Think of the device as a gigantic combination lock. These emitters shine light upward toward the various lenses attached to the rings. If you rotate the lenses to a specific orientation, the device should unlock."
How do we know what the correct orientation is?
"Trial and error, like any other scientific endeavor. But be sure to keenly observe every rotation of the rings. That's the key to our success!
We can manipulate the three kinetic resonators to adjust the lenses and rotate the rings. Follow me!"
"This is one of the most complex Dwemer devices I've ever encountered.
To reiterate, we need to strike the kinetic resonators to rotate the rings and align the lenses to the beams. If you run into trouble, just use that lever to reset the rings."
Any advice on how this blasted machine works?
"After watching you intently, I believe that you need to rotate the rings until the three lenses align with the beams of light.
Have you noticed how each resonator rotates two rings at a time? How strange the Dwemer mind must have been!"
You don't say.
"I understand your frustration. This is a challenge! I have deduced that the left resonator controls the inner and middle rings, the center controls the inner and outer rings, and the right controls the middle and outer rings.
I hope that helps!"

After solving the puzzle, he'll say:

Neramo : "Excellent! This should allow me to control the Dwarven constructs."
"Fascinating! I never imagined the control mechanism would fit inside so small a space!
It will take me some time to master this device, but with it I'm sure I can suppress the outer defenses and return the quarry to a relatively safe state."
So I can tell the Orcs they can reopen the exterior quarry now?
"Oh, yes, it's perfectly safe to work the quarry again.
And, please, give the Orcs my deepest and most sincere apology regarding these … unfortunate circumstances."
Aren't you coming with me?
"I … I have something I want to try first. Something that will help repay the Orcs for my … indiscretion."
What are you planning?
"If I can make a few adjustments, I want to offer the constructs to the Orcs. I'm sure they'll make excellent workers!
I'll join you up above shortly."

If you speak to him before leaving, he'll add:

"Go tell the forge-wife that the quarry is once again safe to work in. I'm sure that will make her happy."
Is there anything you can do about the Dwarven machines here?
"Of course! Well … probably. Dwemer technology is never simple. It will take some time to command the constructs directly, or disable their security functions within the ruin."

Outside the mine, Neramo will appear with several dwarven constructs and the following can be heard:

Forge-Wife Kharza : "To arms, my clan mates! Let's show this mad Elf what we think of his Dwarven army!"
Neramo : "Don't be alarmed! I bring a gift! These constructs can work your quarry and build the great city of Orsinium."
Forge-Wife Kharza : "Damn you, Elf! I should kill you where you stand!"
Neramo : "What did I say? Please, my friend, make her see reason!"

If you speak to him before Kharza, he'll say:

"She's being irrational, but I'd rather not press the issue if it's all the same to you. Orcs have a tendency to fly off the handle at the least provocation.
Please, talk some sense into her."
How did you get the Dwarven constructs to leave the ruins?
"Dwemer constructs only deactivate when they leave their ruins as a security measure. With extremely rare tools and highly specialized knowledge, I gave these constructs new instructions that override those constraints.
Remarkable, I know."
What are you planning to do with those things?
"My first thought was to offer them to one of the alliances as an army, but I don't have nearly enough for that. Then I figured to give them to the Orcs, as a way to make up for the trouble I caused here.
I'm sure they'll make excellent workers!"

After concluding the quest, he'll say:

"Thank you for explaining matters to the forge-wife, but I'm not surprised by her reaction. I'll make sure that these automatons are put to good use in Orsinium."

The Heart's Desire[edit]

In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

"I must say, I'm surprised to find another newcomer here at the gate. Entering the city is no mean feat.
May I assume that you seek a citizen sponsor? My associates and I find ourselves in a similar predicament. Maybe we can help each other."

If you've assisted him in the past, he'll say instead:

"Well, if it isn't my second favorite assistant! What a fortuitous turn of events. I shouldn't be surprised. You have a knack for appearing when I need you most.
I take it you haven't found a sponsor yet? Maybe we can help each other."
What do you have in mind?
"Initially, I thought we could rely on my ample charms to win us a sponsor. Unfortunately, the people here tend to value craft over the pleasure of my company.
Providing some gift or service seems to be the only way to earn a sponsorship."
Have you found a potential sponsor?
"Yes, a clockwork apostle named Varuni Arvel. Apparently, she's a member of the Congress of Calibration - the governing body here in the city.
My associates, Kireth and Raynor, are already working on a plan to earn her trust. Will you help us?"
All right, we'll work together.
"This promises to be a fruitful collaboration!
I tasked Kireth and Raynor with acquiring gifts for Varuni, but they tend to wander. Kireth's just there by the cliff. You should speak with her. In the meantime, I'll conduct more research. Questions?"
How did you get here?
"Seeing as you found your own way here, I suppose there's no harm in sharing my own methods.
I just learned of a secret cave beneath the city of Mournhold that, until recently, was entirely inaccessible. Can you imagine?"
Yes, I can definitely imagine.
"Fearing that the Tribunal might seal it again, I set off through the cavern as soon as I could!
It pained me to leave my usual cohorts behind, but this duo, Kireth and Raynor, have performed admirably."
Who are Kireth and Raynor?
"A pair of Dark Elf explorers. Like me, they delight in all things mechanical.
Their youth and endless sibling rivalries can prove irksome, but what they lack in experience they more than make up for in enthusiasm."

If you have completed The Heart's Desire, you can continue to ask him about his other favorite assistant:

Vimy didn't join you for this trip?
"Unfortunately, my illustrious bodyguard was away on personal business—I know better than to ask for specifics.
I certainly miss her services, but one makes do."

After you've assisted Raynor in recovering the firepot oil, Neramo will be waiting for you in Provost Varuni Arvel's office.

Neramo: "And just as I promised, my assistant arrives! You've brought a gift for our sponsor, right?"

He will urge you to gift the oil to Varuni Arvel if you talk to him:

"You did bring a gift, correct? Give it to Varuni without delay!"
"So, ready to do a bit of sleuthing? I'm confident that we can find this elusive evidence, but it will require some skulduggery. Breaking and entering, to be specific.
Ready for the details?"
Yes, details would be nice.
"Varuni suspects that someone destroyed city records. But if my study of Dwemer ruins has taught me anything, it's that nothing is ever truly destroyed. You just need to look in the right place.
Here, that place is the Depository Documatis."
Depository Documatis. Got it. What's the plan?
"Sneaking into the Depository is impossible for us, but Sotha Sil's clockwork automata enter and exit the structure constantly. I discovered a way to control one such automata - a device known as a skeevaton. I'm sure you're duly impressed."
So, you're going to guide a clockwork automaton into the building?
"No, you are. I will provide technical assistance and keep an eye out for prying eyes - both mechanical and organic.
Head to the Depository. I'll meet you there, after I've wrapped up matters with our new benefactor."
All right. I'll meet you there.
"If you have questions, you should ask them now. Once we begin our investigation, We'll have little time to dawdle."
Why start looking in this Depository Documatis?
"As Varuni said, everything here generates a record. From what I gather, those records constantly pass through the Depository Documatis."
If every single record goes through the Depository, how are we going to find what we're looking for?
"When you say it like that it does sound daunting.
It's true - the evidence we seek drifts through vast oceans of information. Luckily, these skeevatons seem very capable when it comes to sorting and parsing. I guess we'll just have to find out."
Do you even know what we're looking for?
"I equipped the skeevaton with a number of key words and concepts to help it sort out extraneous documents.
Have some faith! I've extracted information from tonal vaults and Dwemer orreries. Sifting through city records pales in comparison."'
How did you learn to control a skeevaton?
"Honestly, they're not all that dissimilar from the Dwemer devices I usually tinker with. Sotha Sil clearly learned a great deal from the Dwarves.
They use an unfamiliar tonal dialect as it were, but the basic principles remain the same."
How can we control a skeevaton without touching it?
"We will employ a very simple control device. How to explain it...
The skeevatons send and receive signals from other clockwork automatons constantly. This device allows us to drown out all the noise, making our voices the only sound it hears."

You will then meet Neramo outside the Serviflume in Slag Town:

"There you are. I prepared the device. All is in readiness. Prepared to see through the eyes of a clockwork automaton? Brilliant!
Just activate the skeevaton, place it in the serviflume, and I'll instruct you further."

Neramo will guide your skeevaton through the serviflume:

"Wait... yes, go straight, then left. The central depository must be on a different floor."
"I'm seeing a lot of interference. Proceed carefully. We can't risk damaging the skeevaton's data collector."
"Expertly done. That grate should lead to the central depository - and our evidence!"
"This depository should contain security documents and recordings. Search everywhere. When you find something, use the skeevaton to make a remote copy."
"That's it! Quickly, assistant, direct the skeevaton to the exit, then meet me there to examine the evidence!"

Neramo will be outside, holding his precious skeevaton.

"All right, let me see what you found. Yes, I believe these recordings correspond to the dates of the disappearances.
There's something more. Look here. The last person to access the records was a BAL-167. Hmph. Circumstantial at best."
How do you propose we find this BAL-167?
"We might already have a lead.
I shared Varuni's concerns with Kireth shortly after you left the basilica and she insisted on looking into the matter herself. She cited Constable Baldan as a person of interest. His office should be southwest of here."
BAL-167... Constable Baldan. I'll track down Kireth and see what she's found.
"You should hurry. Knowing Kireth, and I sort of do, she's probably done something imprudent. You'll find her southwest of here.
In the meantime, I'll keep examining these records. Farewell, assistant."

He won't appear again until the end of the quest, when Constable Baldan has been apprehended and Kireth Vanos is safe. Provost Varuni Arvel agreed to sponsor Neramo as well as everyone else. Speaking to him before heading to the Clockwork Registrar will have him say:

"Well done, assistant! One quick trip to the clockwork registrar and we'll be full citizens of the Brass Fortress."

You will then meet him in the Chancel of Records after speaking to the Clockwork Registrar.

"As one journey ends, another begins. I imagine there's much more to discover here in Sotha Sil's Clockwork City."
So, what's next for you?
"I can finally begin my exploration in earnest!
Now that we've earned our citizenship, I can apply for excavation permits, antiquity transportation licenses... oh dear. Come to think of it, I might not be able to begin for quite some time."
What about Raynor and Kireth?
"They proved useful. Raynor's theories need some work, and Kireth's refusal to listen to reason caused me no small measure of anxiety. But on the whole? Satisfactory.
Provided that they follow my lead, I might call on them again in the future."
Take care of yourself, Neramo.
"I value your service and partnership, assistant. Please, take this as a token of my appreciation.
If I understand the bureaucracy correctly, I may be here in the Brass Fortress for a while. Feel free to seek me out, should you require my aid."

This will complete the quest and as he's about leave Divayth Fyr will then enter.

Divayth Fyr: "There you are. Good. We have much to discuss."
Neramo: "Divayth Fyr? Here? It is a true pleasure to meet you."
Divayth Fyr: "I imagine it is. Now, be on your way."
Neramo: "Yes... well. Be seeing you, assistant. Good day, Lord Fyr."

The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

When searching for Neramo about the lamp, you'll find him at Ridas Beleram's stall:

"Ah, I hoped to see you again, assistant. Pray tell, what did Divayth Fyr have to say?
I fear that he and I might have gotten off to a poor start. Did he ask about me? Any mention of my exploits?"
Actually, Divayth wants you and Raynor to help me with an important task.
"Raynor? Surely this is something I can handle myself! Impressing Divayth Fyr could greatly increase my standing in the Dwemeric scholarly community.
Tell me, what does Lord Fyr ask of me... er, us."
He wants us to build a lamp- one that's identical to the lamps removed from the loqutorium.
"He just wants us to build a lamp? What an odd request. No matter. I would be happy to offer my ample expertise, provided you let Divayth Fyr know that I did so.
First thing's first- I need to study one of these lamps we're supposed to recreate."
An aide told me they tossed the old lamps into the Fundament. We should start there.
"Lead the way, assistant … er, valued peer. Once we have a thorough understanding of the parts, I'll have the lamp assembled in no time."

Upon finding the various lamp components in Mechanical Fundament, Neramo can be overheard saying the following:

(Dented Lamp Tube)"Some kind of tubular housing. Probably meant to protect a glass interior? Hard to say"
(Charred Clockwork Filaments)"A complex filament of some kind. The weaving on this fiber... it must be machine-made. I should be taking notes"
(Broken Modulator)"Look at the apertures on this. It muse be some kind of modulator that changes the nature of the light. Fascinating!"
(Broken Compressor)"Hmm... some kind of compressor. For funneling a gas perhaps? Interesting."

After examining the lamp parts:

"Compressors, filaments, housings, modulators.... Yes, I think I understand what these discarded lights have in common!"
I'm listening.
"Unlike the other lamps, these compress some kind of geodic gas into metal tubes, then modulate the light to create another kind of illumination that mortal eyes cannot see. Invisible light. Remarkable!
The potential applications are limitless!"
So, can you recreate one of these lights?
"Yes. With Raynor's assistance, I believe we can recreate this lamp without much difficulty. Of course, you'll need to procure the requisite parts. These are all broken beyond repair.
What do you plan to do with this light, exactly?"
We plan to use it on Sotha Sil. I'm not exactly sure what will happen.
"You plan to what? Oh dear. Well, this seems like a terrible idea, but I shall rely upon you and Lord Fyr to protect me.
Here's a list of the components I'll need. Once you've acquired them, meet me in the Hall of Refined Techniques. Good luck!"
You too.
"I'll fetch young Raynor while you collect the parts we need. Not that I need his help! Obviously.
Make that last part clear to Lord Fyr if you don't mind."

Returning with the lamp parts, you'll find him in the Hall of Refined Techniques:

"Ah, you've returned. Excellent. Raynor and I have cobbled together a serviceable frame for the lamp- all we need now are the components I sent you to acquire. Were you successful?"
Here's everything that was on your list.
"Wonderful! I'm confident this lamp will conform to the exact specifications of the lamps they removed... provided Raynor didn't make any miscalculations.
So, would this be the time to inform Divayth Fyr of our success- or mine, specifically?"
Yes, I'll let Divayth know we'll be ready soon.
"Excellent, excellent.
No need to return here, of course. Kireth should be back straightaway, and I'll have her run the completed lamp over to the loqutorium as soon as it's ready. See you soon, assistant!"
See you soon.

Talking with him after this exchange:

"No need to dally, assistant. Just a few more adjustments and the lamp will be fully operational.
You should inform Lord Fyr of our success."


Stros M'kai[edit]

Neramo can be found aboard the Spearhead once your business on Stros M'kai is concluded.

"When active, Dwemer spiders have an extraordinary capacity for learning.
Now I have to stop Andrilion from teaching Clanker to bring him drinks."


"If it isn't my fine partner from our expedition in Betnikh.
How have you been, Neramo?
"Quite well. I've not yet secured enough capital to launch another expedition, but Captain Marck has been quite generous since he discovered my talents as a mage.
I've even had the opportunity to set a slaver ship on fire. Exciting work."


He can be found reading books at the Mages Guild Hall in Sentinel:

"What an interesting collection of tomes."
What are you doing here, Neramo? / What are you doing in the Mages Guild?
"Research. Now that you have dealt with that business on the docks, I can once again pursue my passion. The desert hides many Dwemer ruins, most unexplored."
Have you found anything interesting?
"Oh, yes. More than you can imagine. This will be quite an adventure.
Fortunately, I have Vimy along to handle the stabbing. She's proven quite useful. Between her and Clanker, I need no other assistants."
What do you hope to find in these Dwemer ruins?
"The secret of their disappearance. The path to the beyond. Or a few relics that will sell for a great deal of coin. Who can say for certain?
You should ask yourself which is more important. The question? Or the answer?"
Is that Clanker standing outside?
"Impressed, are you? I have once again taken an opportunity to upgrade him. His central cog matrix has developed quite extensively as a result of our travels.
This latest form is his most useful yet."
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