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The Reachmen are a tribe of primarily Breton descent that have been causing trouble in the Reach for centuries. Though they are descended from Bretons, they don't consider themselves to be Bretons, as they have their own culture and society. The Bretons of High Rock and Orcs of Orsinium are in agreement, as they have disowned the Reachmen, who claim the Western Reach. The Nords, who have territorial claims in the Reach, have also had run-ins with the Reachmen. The Eastern Reach of Skyrim is controlled by the Reachmen, being independent from both Svargrim and Jorunn.

The Reachmen have aligned themselves with Molag Bal and his daedric forces,[verification needed — pre-launch info?] who are attempting to drag Tamriel into the realm of Coldharbour.

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Reachman Clans[edit]


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