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This article was a part of the 2017 April Fools Prank.
Setting Vvardenfell
Time Period 4E 201
Developer Bethesda Softworks
Release Date TBA

Nerevarine is an exclusive expansion for the Skyrim Special Edition on the Nintendo Switch. The expansion will see the first return to Vvardenfell in any Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind, and will see the Dragonborn face off against the Nerevar Reborn, who has until now been busy collecting intel on the Akavir.

In an exclusive interview with Afoo Loffme, the lead designer of the expansion, she stated that new combat finishers will be one of the main attractions. One of the new moves she wished to highlight was one that would see two combatants face each other backwards, draw their bows, and then stab themselves, with the winner being the one who took least damage. She also revealed that Ma'iq the Liar would be recruitable as follower, with additional quips added to his extensive repertoire so that he wouldn't become too annoying. Another new follower would be the Adoring Fan, the descendant of a much loved character from Oblivion, who would retain the same characteristics to bring that character to a new audience.

With Vvardenfell covered in lava with Red Mountain having destroyed every settlement on the island, and surrounded by a sea of boiling water, Afoo admitted that there won't be much landscape to explore, but enthusiastically revealed that the map would be larger than the one seen in Elder Scrolls Online, and that it would take a player a real-time week to run from one side of the island to the other. The Nerevar would of course be randomly placed somewhere in that map and the player would have to discover her location themselves as no quest or clues would give her location. The only trophy/achievement for the expansion will be named 'Gotcha' and it would be for finding the Nerevarine.