Legends:Falling Wizard

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Houses of Morrowind
Falling Wizard
Creature (Wood Elf)
LG-card-Falling Wizard.png
Availability Houses of Morrowind
Magicka Cost 2
Attribute Intelligence
Power 5 Health 5
Rarity Epic Epic
Summon: Falling Wizard deals 5 damage to himself.
Last Gasp: Put an Experimental Scroll into your hand.

Falling Wizard is an epic Intelligence creature card. It is part of the Houses of Morrowind expansion.


When summoned:


When attacking:

"I can't believe I'm still alive!"


  • This card depicts Tarhiel and is named after the quest A Falling Wizard from Morrowind. Similar to this card, he will fall to his death (if not saved) and carries some unique scrolls that can be looted from his body.