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Legends:Hall of Conveyance

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Avoid imminent incineration
Episode: Race Against Time
Opponent Name: Roving Freebooter
Opponent Class: IntelligenceAgility Assassin
Lanes: Conveyer/Incinerator
Starting Health: 30
Previous Quest: The Apprentice
Unlocks Quest: The Betrayal
Reward: Playsets of: Ruthless Freebooter, Firepot Spider

Race Against Time: Hall of Conveyance[edit]

The Hall of Conveyance is one of the initially-available locations in Race Against Time, along with The Apprentice. After entering a giant machine, you'll have to engage in battle with the automatons within. When you select the battle, you'll be informed that "The Conveyer will send you to the Incinerator, so be careful."

The match features a Conveyer lane, which states: "At the end of your turn, creatures here move." Complementing the conveyer lane, the other is an Incinerator: "Creatures can't be played here. At the end of your turn, creatures here are dealt 1 damage."

When you complete the match for the first time, you'll receive playsets of Ruthless Freebooter and Firepot Spider.


Roving Freebooter: "Look, it's those meddlers. Let's see if we can slow them down."
Hall of Conveyance: "(Gears grinding)"
Swims-at-Night: "Do you feel that? The floor — it's moving!"
Laaneth: "This way — I think I see another memory star."

Opponent Decklist[edit]

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Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
1 Intelligence Brutal Ashlander Creature (Dark Elf) 1 1 1 1Common Common Last Gasp: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
3 Agility Shadow Shift Action 1 1Common Common Move a friendly creature.
Draw a card.
2 Agility South Road Brigand Creature (Wood Elf) 1 2 1 1Common Common
1 Agility Dune Stalker Prophecy Creature (Khajiit) 2 3 1 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Summon: Move another friendly creature in this lane.
2 Agility Guild Recruit Creature (Argonian) 2 1 2 1Common Common Lethal
2 Agility Fighters Guild Recruit Prophecy Creature (Argonian) 2 1 2 1Common Common Prophecy, Guard, Lethal
1 Intelligence Redoran Enforcer Creature (Dark Elf) 2 2 3 1Common Common
1 Intelligence Shrieking Harpy Prophecy Creature (Harpy) 2 2 1 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Summon: Shackle an enemy creature.
1 Agility Baandari Bruiser Creature (Khajiit) 3 3 2 1Common Common Pilfer: +3/+0
2 Agility Giant Bat Creature (Beast) 3 2 2 1Common Common Charge, Drain
2 Agility Greenheart Knight Creature (Wood Elf) 3 1 5 1Common Common Charge
2 Agility House Kinsman Creature (Dark Elf) 3 3 2 3Epic Epic Last Gasp: Deal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
3 Agility Varanis Courier Creature (Dark Elf) 3 1 3 1Common Common Guard
Last Gasp: Draw a card.
1 IntelligenceAgility Sadras Agent Creature (Dark Elf) 4 4 2 3Epic Epic Guard
Last Gasp: Summon a 2/1 Mournhold Guardian with Guard.
1 Agility Sightless Skulk Creature (Falmer) 4 4 3 1Common Common Summon: Draw a card if you have two other Agility creatures.
1 Agility Camoran Scout Leader Creature (Wood Elf) 5 2 2 3Epic Epic Summon: Summon a 2/2 Wood Elf Scout with Charge in each lane with a Wounded enemy creature.
1 Intelligence Glenumbra Sorceress Creature (Breton) 5 5 1 2Rare Rare Ward
2 Intelligence Insightful Scholar Prophecy Creature (High Elf) 5 2 3 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Summon: Draw a card for each card your opponent drew this turn.

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