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Imperial Might is an Imperial-themed Spellsword pre-made deck given as a reward for completing A Fractured Legion, the final battle in Act II of The Forgotten Hero story. Its banner image is Praetorian Commander, and its deck code is SPAPjrouiIqXlYhomXpRdReyrEbQlwlxfBAKcxgpiNiKrAiLjCcwkybAAFcZnBhWemgn.


Deck List
Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
1 Endurance Suppress Action 0 2Rare Rare Silence a creature.
3 Willpower Cheydinhal Sapper Creature (Imperial) 1 1 3 1Common Common Drain
3 Endurance Deadly Draugr Creature (Skeleton) 1 1 1 1Common Common Lethal
3 Willpower Scouting Patrol Action 1 1Common Common Summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
2 Willpower Bruma Profiteer Creature (Imperial) 2 3 2 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
3 Endurance Fharun Defender Prophecy Creature (Orc) 2 1 4 1Common Common Prophecy, Guard
2 Willpower Fifth Legion Trainer Creature (Imperial) 2 1 3 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, give it +1/+0.
3 Willpower Healing Potion Prophecy Action 2 1Common Common Prophecy
Gain 5 health.
2 Willpower Imprison Action 2 2Rare Rare Shackle a creature. If you have four or more Willpower creatures, destroy it instead.
1 Willpower Kvatch Soldier Creature (Imperial) 2 2 3 1Common Common Guard
1 Willpower Skingrad Patroller Creature (Imperial) 2 3 2 1Common Common
2 Neutral Barded Guar Creature (Reptile) 3 3 3 1Common Common Summon: Give a creature Guard.
2 Endurance Bruma Armorer Creature (Imperial) 3 2 2 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, give it +0/+2.
1 Willpower Imperial Legionnaire Creature (Imperial) 3 3 4 1Common Common
1 Willpower Two-Moons Contemplation Support 3 2Rare Rare Ongoing
If your opponent doesn't damage you on their turn, sacrifice this and summon a Priest of the Moons in each lane.
1 Endurance Cursed Spectre Prophecy Creature (Spirit) 4 2 2 1Common Common Prophecy
Summon: Silence another creature.
1 WillpowerEndurance Edict of Azura Action 4 3Epic Epic Destroy an enemy creature or support.
2 Willpower Imperial Reinforcements Action 4 2Rare Rare Fill a lane with 1/1 Imperial Grunts.
2 Endurance Midnight Sweep Prophecy Action 4 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Summon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each lane.
2 Willpower War Cry Action 4 2Rare Rare Give friendly creatures in a lane +2/+0 this turn.
1 Endurance Disciple of Namira Creature (Imperial) 5 3 3 3Epic Epic At the end of each turn, draw a card for each friendly creature that died in Disciple of Namira's lane.
2 Willpower Imperial Siege Engine Creature (Imperial) 5 3 3 2Rare Rare Summon: +1/+1 for each other friendly creature.
1 Willpower Piercing Javelin Prophecy Action 5 1Common Common Prophecy
Destroy a creature.
1 Endurance Watch Commander Creature (Imperial) 5 4 4 2Rare Rare Summon: Give all friendly Guards +1/+2.
1 Endurance Black Worm Necromancer Creature (Imperial) 6 4 4 2Rare Rare Summon: If you have more health than your opponent, summon a random creature from your discard pile.
1 Willpower Golden Saint Creature (Daedra) 6 4 4 2Rare Rare Guard
Summon: If you have more health than your opponent, summon a Golden Saint in the other lane.
1 Endurance Night Shadow Creature (Vampire) 6 6 5 3Epic Epic Breakthrough, Drain
2 Willpower Legion Praefect Creature (Imperial) 7 4 4 1Common Common Summon: Give other friendly creatures +1/+1.
1 Willpower Renowned Legate Creature (Imperial) 7 5 5 4Legendary Legendary Breakthrough
Summon: Summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt, then gain 1 health for each friendly creature.
1 Endurance Night Talon Lord Creature (Vampire) 9 8 8 4Legendary Legendary Drain
Slay: Summon the slain creature.