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Legends:Return to The Inner Curiosity

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Your lost friend returns
Episode: The Heart of the City
Opponent Name: Swims-at-Night or Laaneth, dependent on Shaft of Sohleh
Opponent Class: AgilityEndurance Scout or IntelligenceEndurance Sorcerer
Starting Health: 30
Special Conditions: Begin with tools in play. If Swims-at-Night: Opponent begins with Blackrose Herbalist in field lane, and Stormhold Henchman and Hist Speaker in each lane. If Laaneth: Opponent begins with Lion Guard Strategist and two Crystal Tower Crafters in field, and three Gearwork Spiders in shadow.
Story Characters: Mecinar, Swims-at-Night, Laaneth
Previous Quest: Divine Implements Found
Next Quest: Chamber of Lorkhan
Reward: Playsets of: Clockwork Scorpion, Excavate

The Heart of the City: Return to The Inner Curiosity[edit]

Return to The Inner Curiosity is a location in The Heart of the City, unlocked by completing Divine Implements Found.'

As you begin, you'll be told that "Mecinar's foul magickal technology has revived your fallen [Argonian/Dunmer] ally to battle you." depending on who is still with you after Shaft of Sohleh

When you complete the match for the first time, you'll receive playsets of Clockwork Scorpion and Excavate.


Mecinar: "I thought you might come. I've prepared a surprise for you. For years I have modified the living. But with my newfound power, I've found the dead just as malleable."
Swims-at-Night or Laaneth: "Mecinar's will must be obeyed. Prepare to be destroyed."
Post-match, with Laaneth:
Laaneth: "Mecinar must answer for this… this abomination! It's time to finish this!"
Mecinar: "Come then, and meet your doom.
Post-match, with Swims-at-Night:
Swims-at-Night: "MECINAR! You'll pay for what you've done to her!"
Mecinar: "Come then, and meet your doom.

Opponent Decklist[edit]

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Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
1 Endurance Waves of the Fallen Action 8 3Epic Epic Transform all enemy creatures in a lane into 2/2 Stricken Draugrs, or transform all friendly creatures in a lane into 5/5 Hulking Draugrs.

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