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Legends:The Red Mountain

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Retreat your forces from Dagoth Ur
Episode: The Ruined City
Opponent Name: Dagoth Ur
Opponent Class: IntelligenceAgility Assassin
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 1
Special Conditions: Memory star (Win this turn to allow your forces to retreat.)
Story Characters: Sotha Sil, Dagoth Ur
Previous Quest: Cogitum Centralis
Concurrent Quest: The Betrayal
Next Quest: Any of Race Against Time
Reward: Playsets of: Star-Sung Bard

Race Against Time: The Red Mountain[edit]

The Red Mountain is a location available in Race Against Time. It is unlocked after you've beaten the Cogitum Centralis. After you survived the hordes of Dwemer constructs, you'll get into possession of the next memory star and replay Sotha Sil's retreat from the Red Mountain during Dagoth Ur's rise to power. Memory stars are puzzles that can only be completed by one specific order of actions in-game. Once you complete it for the first time, you'll receive a playset of Star-Sung Bard and Galyn the Shelterer, and will unlock The Inner Curiosity provided that The Betrayal is complete.


Sotha Sil: "A dark day. Our annual pilgrimage to the Heart of Lorkhan ended in disaster. It was only through a cunning trick that we escaped with our lives."
During the match:
Dagoth Ur: "Behold, arrogant tribunal! The power of the Heart flows through me and my minions. We are the gods now, growing stronger as you grow weaker. It is time to pay for your betrayal!"
Dagoth Ur: "You think you have won? I still hold the Heart. Escape while you can, Sotha Sil. I am patient. My victory will come."
Sotha Sil: "I have learned. The Heart is too important. A backup must be created. But where to store such a thing? I shall build a new chamber, beyond the Inner Curiosity."
Laaneth: "That's it. That's where the heart [sic] must be!"


The following steps need to be completed in order to win the match in one turn.


LG-memstar-The Red Mountain.jpg

You start with 7 magicka and need to bring down the opponent's health from 17 to 0.

  1. Equip Grappling Hook onto one of your Ageless Automatons and move the opponent's Mournhold Guardian to the left lane.
  2. Summon Barded Guar and target the opponent's Afflicted Alit to give it guard.
  3. Then attack Mournhold Guardian and Afflicted Alit with your Ageless Automatons, which will get +3/+0 and breakthrough.
  4. Attack the opponent with Stronghold Eradicator to win the match.


LG-memstar-The Red Mountain 02.jpg

You start with 12 magicka and need to bring down the opponent's health from 13 to 0.

  1. Attack one of the Senche-Tigers with Stronghold Eradicator followed by your Young Mammoth. This brings the opponent's health back to 10.
  2. Use A Night to Remember on your Stronghold Eradicator to move it to the left lane and give all the opponent creatures guard.
  3. Attack Afflicted Alit with one of the Ageless Automatons, which will get +3/+0 and breakthrough. Summon Mournhold Traitor in the left lane and equip Maple Shield on the second Ageless Automaton.
  4. Use of Unstoppable Rage on the first Ageless Automaton. The second Ageless Automaton will survive due to Maple Shield, but Mournhold Traitor will die and trigger its last gasp effect to summon a Mournhold Guardian in the opponent's left lane.
  5. Attack the Mournhold Guardian with the second Ageless Automaton to win the match.


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