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Contain the Heart
Episode: The Furnace Depths
Opponent Name: The Heart of Lorkhan
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 1
Special Conditions: Memory star (Win this turn.)
Other Characters: Sotha Sil
Previous Quest: Piston Cavum, Submerged Aqueduct
Unlocks Quest: The Caminus Pit
Reward: Playsets of: Awakened Imperfect, Fabricate

The Furnace Depths: The Tools[edit]

The Tools is a location available in The Furnace Depths. It is unlocked after you've freed Laaneth and Swims-at-Night from the Piston Cavum and Submerged Aqueduct, respectively. Memory stars are puzzles that can only be completed by one specific order of actions in-game.

When you begin the battle, you'll be told to "Use the power of the divine artifacts to win this turn."

Once you complete it for the first time, you'll receive a playsets of Awakened Imperfect and Fabricate.


Sotha Sil: "The Heart has become unstable — left unchecked, it threatens to destroy the entire city. No matter the danger, I must venture into the chamber, and devise a way to contain its power."
Sotha Sil: "Success! With these tools, modeled after Kagrenac's own, I can control, shape, and even dismantle the Heart if necessary."
Laaneth: "That's it! If we can find those three tools, we can destroy the Heart and stop Mecinar!"


The following steps need to be completed in order to win the match in one turn.


LG-memstar-The Tools.jpg

You start with 7 magicka and need to bring down the opponent's health from 2 to 0.

  1. Play Cauldron Keeper.
  2. Give one of the Blackreach Rebuilders Ward with Wraithguard II.
  3. Use Keening II on the same lane.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps, still keeping to the one lane.
  5. Using Sunder II, move the Awakened Imperfect from that lane.
  6. Still using Sunder II, move the other Blackreach Rebuilder into the lane.
  7. Play the Orc Clan Captain in the lane with the Blackreach Rebuilders.
  8. Hit your opponent with both Rebuilders.


You start with 10 magicka and need to bring down the opponent's health from 8 to 0.

  1. Use Wraithguard II to give the left enemy Cog Collector a Ward.
  2. Use Keening II on the left lane. This will destroy the Firepot Spider and the two Blackreach Rebuilders.
  3. Summon both Orc Clan Captains in the left lane.
  4. Attack with the two leftmost Dwarven Spiders.
  5. Summon the Cauldron Keeper in the right lane.
  6. Use Wraithguard II again to give the left enemy Cog Collector another Ward.
  7. Use Keening II again on the left lane. This will destroy your two Dwarven Spiders.
  8. Use Sunder II twice to move the two remaining Dwarven Spiders from the right lane into the left lane.
  9. Attack with both Dwarven Spiders.

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