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The Ancestor Moth is a rare moth that can be found in secluded Ancestor Glades scattered across Tamriel. They are attracted to the bark of a Canticle Tree and produce silk that can be used to make powerful clothing, once widely exported by the Cyro-Nordics.[1]

Ancestor moths are used by Moth Priests in the Ritual of the Ancestor Moth in order to read an Elder Scroll. The moths maintain a connection to the ancient magic that allows the Moth Priest to decipher them. Moths emanate a soft harmonious trilling that when amplified taps into a form of primal augur. This allows the moths themselves to become a conduit for deciphering the scrolls. By having the moths close to the Moth Priest, they can utilize the conduit and share the moth's augury. Ancestor moth chrysalises are green and smell of fresh grass and clean water.



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