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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
The area in which Antiphyllos was found

The County of Antiphyllos was a political entity within western Hammerfell in the Iliac Bay region. King Fahara'jad, who ruled the kingdom of Sentinel in the Second Era, used to be a prince of Antiphyllos before he ascended to the throne.[1] In the late Third Era, Antiphyllos shared its northern border with Sentinel and Ayasofya,[2] and its capital was the city of Antyphyllos.[3] The immense Alik'r Desert surrounded the rest of the region, although even the local residents seemed to have trouble establishing those borders with any certainty.[4]

In the years preceding the Warp in the West, the Anthotis bloodline were the predominant vampires in the region. Antyphillos was also home to the Dust Witches of the Coven of Dust.[3] After the Warp, the county became a part of the kingdom of Sentinel.[5]

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