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Aurorans are an idealized humanoid race of Daedra in the service of Meridia, and are made from pure light.[1] Their armor usually appears golden in tone, but since they come from the Colored Rooms, Aurorans can be of any hue.[2][3] These beings have magical control over color and hue,[4] use some shock-based magic,[5] are resistant to both magic and lightning.[6] They wield powerful axes infused with lightning,[6] and may combine in phalanx formations to channel powerful light to attack their foes.[5]

When an Auroran knight manifests on Tamriel, they can summon Daedric warhorses from the Colored Rooms of various hues also made from pure light,[1][4] which sometimes remain in the mortal plane if the knight is banished.[7] Aurorans choose their allegiances very carefully,[8] usually only fighting under other servants of Meridia. In the presence of Dark Orbs, they are blessed by Meridia with uncanny vigor,[9] being healed,[10] resurrected, and even prevented from being banished to the Void as long as they remain in close proximity of the orbs.[11] Orbs of certain shades of light can control Aurorans of the respective color.[10]

When the White-Gold Tower was stormed during the Alessian Slave Rebellion, the Ayleids made a pact with Meridia and summoned the Aurorans. The golden-hued "half-Elf" Umaril the Unfeathered was their champion, resembling a much larger Auroran.[12] Following his defeat at the Temple of the Ancestors,[13] Meridia entrusted one half the Wrathstone to the Ayleids of Garlas Malatar, blessing King Narilmor with a pact of immortality and granting a legion of Aurorans to help him guard it in the depths of the city.[5][14] When the ruins were infiltrated by the members of the treasure hunter Tharayya's expedition in 2E 584, they were made to fight many kinds of Aurorans after obtaining the Wrathstone.[10] King Narilmor's mortal form was killed, and as part of his pact with Meridia he was he was resurrected as a Symphony of Blades, an immensely powerful Auroran suit of light.[5][10][15] Umaril later returned in 3E 433, having his Aurorans ambush various chapels to the Nine Divines. They guarded his sanctum in Garlas Malatar and were aided by a Dark Orb, which was later shattered, becoming frozen in time and causing the Aurorans to instantly die in the mortal plane without it.[11]



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