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The Battle-Borns

The Battle-Borns are a rich, influential clan in Whiterun who staunchly supported the Empire in the Stormcloak Rebellion. The clan was one of the first to live in Whiterun, making it likely that the family can trace its roots back to members of the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor. The Battle-Borns were old friends with their neighbors, the equally venerable Gray-Manes. However, the clans began feuding when the Gray-Manes sided with the Stormcloaks during the Stormcloak Rebellion, while the Battle-Borns remained loyal to the Empire. The clan also attribute the feud to the Gray-Manes' jealousy over their wealth.

The House of Clan Battle-Born stands near the Gray-Mane residence in Whiterun's Wind District. The Battle-Borns also own the profitable Battle-Born Farm just outside the city. Olfrid Battle-Born was the clan's vocal patriarch circa 4E 201. The Battle-Borns may have been involved in the abduction of Thorald Gray-Mane by the Thalmor. Each clan rallied the city's populace to their respective sides, though Whiterun officially remained neutral.[1]

The known family tree of the Battle-Borns circa 4E 201 is as follows:

Olfrid Battle-Born
Bergritte Battle-Born
Idolaf Battle-Born
Alfhild Battle-Born
Jon Battle-Born
Lars Battle-Born

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