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The Bow of Shadows is a Daedric artifact that, according to legend, was forged by the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.[1] The legendary ranger, Raerlas Ghile, was granted the Bow for a secret mission that failed.[1] The Bow was lost, though Raerlas is said to have used it to take scores of his foes down with him.[1] The Bow is said to grant the user invisibility and increased speed.[1] Many sightings have been reported; it is said that the Second Era Dunmer assassin Dram once wielded it.[1] Dram likely used the Bow during the Battle of Hunding Bay, when he shot Prince A'tor with the poisoned arrow that eventually killed him.[2] Dram also made use of the bow during the rebellion of Stros M'Kai, led by the Restless League, most notably in battle against Cyrus the Redguard.[3]

Near the end of the Third Era, the Bow came into the possession of a necromancer named Goris the Maggot King.[4] In 3E 427, the Nerevarine killed Goris and his accomplice Luven in the Venim Ancestral Tomb, a tomb in the Grazelands of Vvardenfell which Goris used as a lair. The Nerevarine then retrieved the Bow.[5] Later that year, the Bow was sold to Torasa Aram and put on display in her Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[6]

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