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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
Subregions Ashlands
Appears in Arena, Morrowind, ESO
Ald'ruhn's Under-Skar has always been the main focal point for the town
The province of Morrowind

The settlement of Ald'ruhn (sometimes spelled Ald-ruhn), or Old Home in the Aldmeri Language, was originally a sacred Ashlander meeting ground, built around an ancient Emperor Crab shell known as Skar. The giant crab was defeated by the early Ashlander tribes of ancient past.[1] The city of Ald'ruhn had its name loaned to the village of Old Run, a butchered Tamrielic version of the original name and translation.[2]

During the First and Second Eras, Ashlanders would embark upon an annual pilgrimage to Skar and pay tribute to their ancestors and how they united to kill the beast. They celebrated their victory and brought offerings to the cairns of the First Ashkhans—the founders of the four great tribes: Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun, Zainab and Urshilaku.[3]

Around 2E 583 the Redoran noble Drelyth Hleran discovered that his family had a deep connection to Ald'ruhn, as his ancestor was the one who dealt the killing blow to Skar.[4] After finding out the truth about his ancestor, and earning the respect of the Ashlander tribes, Drelyth Hleran promised to allow them to continue practicing their culture there in peace.[5]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Old Run was an active settlement, being ruled by Lord Nisik. It had a rivalry with Darnim Watch.[2]

Ald'ruhn as an Ashlander pilgrimage site circa 2E 583

The promise was clearly not kept by Drelyth's descendants, however, as by 3E 427, Ald'ruhn had become the seat of House Redoran's council, and all of the councilors had expansive mansions in Under-Skar, the manor district built in the hollowed shell of Skar. There were many smaller houses clustered about the giant shell, including both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild. Representatives of the Thieves Guild were to be found in "The Rat In The Pot" inn, and on the east side of town was a large Tribunal Temple. The Morag Tong guildhall was located in a mansion in Under-Skar. Close to the south was the Imperial Legion fort, Buckmoth Legion Fort.

During the Oblivion Crisis, rumors that the city had been overrun by Daedra spread throughout Tamriel.[6] According to an annal of the Crisis, ancient rituals were performed to awaken Skar, the dread emperor crab, but the armies of Oblivion prevailed and the entire city was destroyed.[UOL 1] The town was apparently being rebuilt when the eruption of the Red Mountain during the Red Year once again wreaked mass devastation.[7]

Buckmoth Legion Fort was the Imperial Legion outpost located due south of Ald'ruhn and west of the Ramimilk shrine, on the road to Ghostgate.

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