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Selene, a Changeling
"I am a... spirit. A being of the ancient forest. Some call my kind Changelings." —Selene

Changelings are rare forest spirits. Although usually humanoid, a Changeling's powers allow them to assume the forms of other creatures and take on their characteristics. Because of this, they can blend into normal society.[1]

The most well-known Changeling is Selene, a High Priestess of Shagrath, the God of Spiders. Selene dwelled deep in the Valenwood in a region known as Selene's Web, and could assume the form of a giant spider. She was soul trapped in 2E 582 by the Mages Guild, and was the first Changeling encountered by the guild in thousands of years.[2] Selene later resurfaced in the Third Era and attempted to conquer all of Valenwood during the Imperial Simulacrum.[3]

The infamous Alessian general Faolchu was also known as Faolchu the Changeling, although he was seemingly just a powerful werewolf.[4]


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