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The Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City

The Circle of Champions was a guild which formed in the Second Era to test the greatest fighters of Tamriel in games of martial skill.[1] The group would seek out dangerous locales for use as battlegrounds, and would reward fighters for taking part in various lethal games at these remote locations. Games were team-based, with fighters being divided into three teams: the Fire Drakes, the Pit Daemons, and the Storm Lords.[2] Many soldiers from the Alliance War took part in these games, as they were encouraged to participate in Battlegrounds exercises with payments of scrip known as Alliance Points.[3]

Circa 2E 583 the Circle of Champions had established camps in several of the major cities of Tamriel. Known as Gladiator's Quarters, these camps were located outside the city walls of Alinor, Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, Vivec City, and Vulkhel Guard. The guild was led by a Dunmer named Battlemaster Rivyn. Notable locations used as battlegrounds include Ularradallaku, Ald Carac, the Arcane University, and Mor Khazgur.[2]

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