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Cognitum Centralis
Type Settlement
Realm Mundus
Plane Clockwork City
Appears in ESO, Legends
The Throne Aligned

Underneath the Brass Fortress lies the maintenance tunnels and subterranean chambers of the Mechanical Fundament.[1] It houses the Cogitum Centralis which contain an automated defense system that is controlled by a master factotum, in order to protect the Throne Aligned, The control center of the Clockwork City. The Throne Aligned is also where Sotha Sil stored his thoughts and notes and is deadly for a mortal to access it.[2] Sotha Sil dwelled in the Cognitum Centralis in the Second Era.

In the late Third Era, Sotha Sil inhabited the control center known as the Dome of Sotha Sil and was guarded by two Imperfects, giant Factotums. It was also the place where Sotha Sil meet his end at the hands of Almalexia.[3][4] It was part of the sections the Nerevarine traversed in the Third Era. Those sections include the Maintenance and the Outer and Inner Flooded Halls; the Halls of Delirium, Theuda, Sallaemu and Mileitho; the Central Gearworks; the Chamber of Sohleh; and the Domes of Kasia, Serlyn, Udok, the Imperfect and Sotha Sil. They have been theorized to be the same place as the Cognitum Centralis.[UOL 1]



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Note: the following references are not from official sources. They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

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