Lore:Coral Forest

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Coral Forest
Type Forest
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Appears in ESO
Coral Forest circa 2E 583

The Coral Forest is an iconic landscape on Summerset Isle, located south of Shimmerene. This place consists of a dense collection of petrified coral which creates a strange, labyrinthine landscape of collar pillars along the island's eastern shore, where coral crabs, mud hoppers and reef vipers hatch and thrive.[1][2]

This forest has an ominous reputation among Altmer locals and it is commonly known to be a Daedric worship hideout and a dangerous place for travelers and adventurers.[1][3][4]

In 2E 583 Tilcalar, Earl of Clavicus Vile, one of the three leaders of the Court of Bedlam, and also Aldarch of the Monastery of Serene Harmony, appointed by Kinlady Avinisse, tried to activate an Abyssal Pearl, most probably with intentions of creating an Abyssal Geyser near Shimmerene to begin to sink Summerset Isle under the sea. His plans were fouled when the Soulless One killed him and Valsirenn magically moved the Sload artifact to Artaeum.[2]


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