Lore:Dasek Moor

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Dasek Moor
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Gold Coast
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
Dasek Moor circa 3E 433
Dasek Moor circa 2E 583

Dasek Moor is a ruined underground fort located along the Gold Road just south of Kvatch, on the border between the Gold Coast and West Weald regions of Cyrodiil. On the surface, the fort is little more than a crumbling entrance. However, it contains an extensive underground complex, including ancient tombs and a living quarters known as the Maleboge.[1]

The fort was already a crumbling ruin by 2E 583, at which time the underground passages were sealed off. The ruins were regularly used as a secret meeting place by Count Carolus Aquilarios, who had a campsite at the entrance to the ruins.[2] Count Carolus used this campsite when he met with the Dark Brotherhood to reveal that the mysterious Black Dragon who was targeting the Brotherhood was in fact the First Sword of the Order of the Hour. The Brotherhood subsequently decimated the Order and eliminated the Black Dragon in an act of revenge, neutralizing one of the Count's major political opponents in the region.[3]

By 3E 433, Dasek Moor was home to a marauder gang. However, the fort's tombs were infested with undead, and several marauders were killed while attempting to clear the lower levels.[4]


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