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Deepscorn Hollow
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Blackwood
Appears in Oblivion (Vile Lair)
Deepscorn Hollow
The Shrine of Sithis

Deepscorn Hollow is a hidden underground lair located beneath a small island in Topal Bay, off the coast of Cyrodiil. The island is located within the Blackwood region, south of the swamps of Bogwater and far southeast of the city of Leyawiin.

Originally, Deepscorn was simply a system of natural caves. Like all natural caves, the tunnels once served as the capillaries of Nirn, pulsing with the divine essence of the Aedra.[1] A homestead was built on the island at some stage along with a bridge connecting it to the mainland, although the house burned down and was abandoned. During his travels as a novice of the Dark Brotherhood, the vampire Greywyn Blenwyth discovered the caves and briefly used them as a hideaway, aptly naming them Deepscorn Hollow.[2][3]

Greywyn later went on to found the Crimson Scars, a vampiric splinter faction of the Dark Brotherhood that planned to infect the entire guild. When the group's treachery was revealed to the Black Hand in 3E 421, Greywyn was forced to flee from purification. He retreated to Deepscorn, planning to use it as the new headquarters of the Scars. Months passed while Greywyn waited for any surviving Scars to contact him. Eventually, a Breton Scar named Rowley Eardwulf made contact, and helped Greywyn in acquiring the resources needed to restore Deepscorn to its former glory.[2] The caves were transformed into a crypt complex, and Greywyn constructed a great shrine to Sithis in the hope of reconciling his treachery.

After many sacrifices, Sithis deigned to speak with Greywyn. He agreed to accept the Crimson Scars as the rightful leaders of the Brotherhood, as long as Greywyn cured himself of his vampirism as punishment. With a heavy heart, Greywyn labored to create a cure, eventually learning of the alchemical processes needed to create Purgeblood Salts. He spent months gathering the ingredient necessary to refine the salts. After gathering the ingredients, he infused the rock walls of Deepscorn Hollow with veins of Purgeblood crystal formations and built a Font of Renewal to bathe himself in. In 3E 433, almost twelve years after having found the cure, Greywyn sensed his impending death. He tracked down the Champion of Cyrodiil, a long-lost relative of his and the heir to Deepscorn Hollow.[4] For a time Greywyn watched the Champion of Cyrodiil from afar, and eventually delivered a note making himself known. He provided the Champion with a map to Deepscorn Hollow, requesting only that the Champion honor Sithis with the darkest of deeds.[5] With all his preparations for the cure complete, Greywyn approached his shrine to Sithis for one last prayer, when he was stabbed in the back by an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood, which had finally tracked him down.[3]

After arriving in Deepscorn Hollow, the Champion made contact with Rowley Eardwulf in the village of Weye, and arranged for further improvements to the lair. Among these was the Garden of Venomgrowth, a garden designed to cultivate various poisonous plants, including the rare Chokeberry Vine. Eardwulf also arranged for human cattle to be brought to the lair for vampiric feeding purposes, as well as a Dunmer vampire minion who maintained the lair and regularly killed in the name of Sithis.[6]


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