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Kagesh Tribe[edit]

The Kagesh Tribe is an Ashlander tribe that lives in the Stonefalls region of mainland Morrowind. They are traditionally hated and feared by the settled Dunmer of the region. In 2E 582, the Kagesh ashkhan led an attack on the Iliath Temple as a means of ending the tribe's persecution. The move was against the wishes of the wise woman Hedranna Kaliki, who attempted to strike a peace with the Temple by offering herbs and healing potions. The tribe's gift was used to heal injured soldiers of the Ebonheart Pact, who were then employed to defend the temple. Additionally, the spirits of dead Ordinators were also summoned to hold the walls. Faced with this, the ashkhan and his supporters attempted to tunnel into the temple, but the poor supports were toppled by the defenders and the invaders were killed in the collapse. The remaining Kagesh were forced to flee.

Keepers of the Grove[edit]

The Keepers of the Grove are part of a holy order dedicated to Kyne, the Goddess of Storm. They are the tenders of the Shrine of Kynesgrove in the eponymous city. The Keepers take care of the grounds, offer daily sacraments, and maintain lodges for themselves and visiting pilgrims. They assist pilgrims in their prayers, and are renowned for their dedication, guidance, and charity.

Keepers of the Razor[edit]

The Keepers of the Razor were a militia group formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis that was originally dedicated to the eradication of the Mythic Dawn. After discovering the legendary Mehrunes' Razor, the militia renamed themselves and assumed the task of safeguarding the Daedric artifact. The Razor was broken into three components that were entrusted to the three highest-ranking members of the group's inner circle, who pledged to pass the pieces down to their descendants "until the twin moons themselves disappeared from the skies". By 4E 201, the Razor's pieces had been handed down through eight generations, though it is unknown if the Keepers still existed as an organization at that time.

That year, the Last Dragonborn was contacted by Silus Vesuius, a Mythic Dawn enthusiast who had found the Razor's scabbard. He hired the Dragonborn to retrieve the three missing pieces from the Keepers' descendants, whom he had located after meticulous research into their family histories. The Dragonborn defeated the descendants, marking an end to the Keepers' legacy, and brought the pieces to a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon to have the Razor restored.


The Keerilth are one of the vampiric clans of Valenwood. They have the ability to transform into mist to avoid danger. Movarth Piquine, once a famous vampire hunter, went searching for the Valenwood vampires and managed to kill a member of this clan. In 2E 582, the Keerilth had one of their lairs in a swamp in Greenshade, near the town of Longhaven. It was cleared by the Soulless One and Mel Adrys, a Dunmer vampire hunter, in the same year.


Khulari is one of the vampire bloodlines of the Iliac Bay area.

Knights Mentor[edit]

The Knights Mentor are those bound to follow the call of Julianos, the God of Wisdom and Learning. While the School of Julianos is responsible for the scholarly work, the Knights Mentor protect the sages of the school and fight the ubiquitous forces of ignorance.

Knights of Iron[edit]

The Knights of Iron is the militant arm of the Resolution of Z'en. Even though Zenithar has been depicted as God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants, he is also seen as a warrior god, and so the Iron Knights represent this aspect of him. They are known to accept anyone in their cause, even those who lack the talents for a knightly order.[1]

Knights of the Circle[edit]

The Knights of the Circle are the military arm of the Order of Arkay. It is their duty to protect the Order and to fight their battles. Their devotion to the God Arkay is equal to that of his priests.

Knights of the Dragon[edit]

The Knights of the Dragon (also called the Knights of Daggerfall) is the knightly order of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, in the province of High Rock. The Knights serve the purpose of protecting the royal family of Daggerfall, as well as their domain. The highest rank in the Knights of the Dragon is the Paladin, who are known to don Ebony armor.

Knights of the Eight[edit]

The Knights of the Eight were an Imperial knightly order based in Cyrodiil in the Second Era. They trained to guard the Abbey of the Eight and the initiates there. In 2E 582 the knights were neutral in the ongoing Alliance War. The Knights of the Nine, first founded in 3E 111, were seemingly the spiritual successors of the order.

Knights of the Flame[edit]

ON-banner-Knights of the Flame.png

The Knights of the Flame are the noble warriors of the Lorddom of Anticlere. Their allegiance is unswerving to Lord Auberon and Lady Doryanna Flyte, who rescued them from the chaos following the War of Betony in 3E 403. Only those known for their loyalty to Anticlere and their blessed patrons are judged worthy to join the order. In return for their allegiance, the knights are treated as veritable gods in Anticlere where the guilds are mainly found.

Their origins can be traced back to 2E 542, when Sir Byric of the Flame set fire to the fields surrounding the Alcaire Castle in order to hold back invaders from the Reach. To honor his bold action and determination, the Alcaire Knights (as they were previously known) were renamed the Knights of the Flame.

Knights of the Hawk[edit]

The Knights of the Hawk act as the noble warriors and protectors of the town and royal family of Santaki. Many have trained since childhood to join the knightly order, for the honor and prestige.

Knights of the Moon[edit]

The Knights of the Moon were replaced by the Order of the Candle as the protectors of Sentinel.

Knights of the Nine[edit]

The Order of the Knights of the Nine was founded in 3E 111 with the ambitious intent of recovering the lost Relics of the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake, who was killed while fighting the forces of the Ayleid king, Umaril the Unfeathered. The order was founded by Sir Amiel Lannus, a hero of the War of the Isle. He named his order the Knights of the Nine after the Nine Divines, and set up base at the Priory of the Nine in the West Weald. The original members of the order were Sir Amiel and his friends, Sir Caius and Sir Torolf.

Knights of the Owl[edit]

The Knights of the Owl are responsible for protecting and fighting for the royal family of Glenpoint. Only those of the most refined fighting skills and dedicated to the welfare of Glenpoint are considered for inclusion in the knightly order. The knights are the royal escorts of the Baron and treated with unparalleled respect in all of Glenpoint.

Knights of the Rose[edit]

The Knights of the Rose have the honor of being the guard and strong arm of his majesty, King Eadwyre of Wayrest. The greatest knights in his court are members of the order and they have demonstrated their worth in internal and inter-provincial struggles throughout the Iliac Bay and Tamriel. They were led by Lord Darkworth, a nobleman in Wayrest.

Knights of the Thorn[edit]

The Knights of the Thorn are a chivalrous order dedicated to the protection of Cheydinhal, in Cyrodiil. They own a lodge just outside the city gates. The order's crest is a sword enveloped in thorns; thorns are also symbolically related to the Indarys family. Every member of the order wears a special medallion, and are typically outfitted with steel shields emblazoned with their coat-of-arms.

Knights of the Wheel[edit]

The Knights of the Wheel represent the royal family and the city of Abibon-Gora in all military situations.

Knights of the White Stallion[edit]

The Knights of the White Stallion is a chivalric knightly order chartered by Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin. The order aims to put an end to banditry in the Lower Niben. The knights are based in and around County Leyawiin, and own a lodge along the Green Road.

Kynaran Order[edit]

The Kynaran Order are a group of knights who have dedicated themselves entirely to the Goddess of the Air, Kynareth. They are most often in the company of Her priests of the Temple of Kynareth.

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