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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Region Auridon
Subregions Vafe
Appears in Arena, ESO
Firsthold, circa 2E 582

Firsthold (alternatively spelled First Hold)[1] is one of the eight major city-states of the province of the Summerset Isles,[2] serving as the capital of the second-largest island of the archipelago, the island of Auridon. Firsthold is the oldest settlement in the Summerset Isles, being founded in the Merethic Era. It was founded by High Lord Torinaan when his fleet first landed on the shores of Auridon from the doomed Aldmeris.

Layout & Geography[edit]

Firsthold sits behind a vast wall of immense and craggy cliffs along the northern coasts of Auridon, impassible from below except for a single, well-guarded hollow large enough for a ship to enter into the lagoon where the port town was built. It is said that the attrition of ocean waves is likely to topple this settlement before any marauder.[3] Firsthold's cliffs are known among the sailors to be especially dangerous and many ships have dashed upon the rocks.[4] The city's walls are erected in marble, towering above the houses and have two gateways on their southwestern and southeastern ends. The docks and the royal citadel are located to the north.[5] Firsthold is neighbored by several settlements, one of them being West Guard in the southeast.[2]

The Firsthold docks are described as "pristine" by travelers. Echoing the High Elves' physical forms, Firsthold architecture is elongated and finely chiseled. Such structural flamboyance always seems to draw travelers' eyes up to the skies. From the tallest spire to the lowliest palisade is made with the same care as a grand ceremonial altar.[3] These gleaming spires come into view when in sight of Firsthold, dominating its skyline.[6] The high cliff palaces of the ancient capital, and the Abecean Sea, can be seen from the royal palace balcony.[6] Most of the buildings in the city are made with imported stone from the Summerset Isle, specifically from the quarries around Alinor. Both physical and magical architecture must follow certain strict standards, based upon Altmeri tradition.[7] The river Diceto passes through the royal parks of the city,[8] where there are also hedge mazes.[9]


Merethic and First Eras[edit]

Torinaan leads his ships to land on Auridon

Firsthold was the first settlement established by the Aldmer upon their arrival on the shores of the Summerset Isles. High Lord Torinaan is credited as the founder of Firsthold,[1] and is said to have been the first Aldmer to set foot on the Summerset Isles at a site called Nine-Prow Landing, north of Firsthold.[10][11] There, he named the island Auridon, gilded by the golden dawn, claiming it as his own Kinlordship, the first to be founded. By establishing Firsthold, not only was it the first city in the Summerset Isles, but also the capital of his realm. When the Aldmer settlers were threatened by beasts known as the Gheatus, Ilyadi, and Welwa, Torinaan used the spells of his ancestors to slay them and render the land safe.[12] A complex of ruins bearing Torinaan's name, standing just southeast of Firsthold, is dedicated to worship of the Divines and is a traditional ritual site for Altmeri rulers.[13]

Topal the Pilot, the earliest known Aldmeri explorer of Tamriel, sailed the seas on his ship, The Niben, around Tamriel, from his home port in Firsthold.[14] From Auridon, the Aldmer colonized the rest of the Summerset Isles and, then, most of Tamriel by the end of the Middle Merethic Era. The first colonies were distributed at wide intervals on islands. Later inland settlements were founded primarily in fertile lowlands in southwest and central Tamriel. Wherever the beastfolk encountered the Elves, the sophisticated, literate, technologically advanced Aldmeri cultures displaced the primitive beastfolk into the jungles, marshes, mountains, and wastelands.[15]

Summerset Orrery, built in Firsthold

The Great Orrery at Firsthold, whose spheres are made up of genuine celestial mineral gathered by travelers during the Merethic Era, is the only legacy of the Sun Birds of Alinor. Their expeditions to Aetherius are among the most famous attempts in history, although they were eventually dissolved due to the expenditures requiring immense amounts of magicka.[16]

House Rilis inherited the title of High Kinlord of Firsthold from Torinaan. They were known as Auridon's greatest warriors. This prestige is due to the power of the Rilis Helm. It imbues the wearer with the strength of a mighty warrior.[17] The Helm is both the power source and the curse of the House Rilis since the establishment of the dynasty by High Kinlord Rilis I. Only legitimate children from House Rilis can wear the Helm.[18] The origins of the Helm are unknown, but its curse consist in becoming a mindless werewolf,[19] a gift which can only be bestowed by the Daedric Prince Hircine.[20] High Kinlord Rilis II's uncle hid the helm from him for years and he ripped his uncle's throat out on his birthday.[21] High Kinlord Rilis III wore the helm at the Battle of Ten Maws and slew his son with his bare hands.[22] High Kinlord Rilis IV's mother wore the helm after High Kinlord Rilis III died and they never found her body.[23] High Kinlord Rilis V convinced his brother to wear the helm and then, lead the mob who killed him.[24] Many more in the Rilis family have fallen to madness. It struck them at different points in their lives, but it seems inevitable. The Daedra sometimes have played a part, as they did with Rilis XII, but their blood and their relationship to the Helm are also blamed.[25]

The Banished Cells

Second Era[edit]

High Kinlord Rilis XII, scion of pure Rilis blood and direct male descendant to Rilis I,[26] ruled over Firsthold during the first half of the Second Era, outliving the fall of the Second Empire.[27] Soon he was known to be specially cruel.[28] The High Kinlord and his Court Jester, Falarel, known for his sadistic 'jokes', and often involved themselves in parties where the main entertaining was torture on some of his subjects, often eviscerating them alive and then, trapping their souls or turning them into undead.[29][28] Nobles visiting the Court of Rilis XII described it as "abominably distasteful" and "prurient nonsense".[30] Even when Daedra worship have been always strictly forbidden in Firsthold,[31] Rilis XII practiced it almost freely and in public.[32] Around 2E 435, High Kinlord Rilis XII had the Orrery dismantled and put in the vaults beneath Firsthold Palace when the Orrery's caretakers refused to use it to predict his future. It remained there at least until 2E 582.[UOL 1] High Kinlord Rilis XII ruled like a despot, and was a known murderer, who committed horrible acts in the depths of his palace. He also had access to mind-control magic. He left two sons, Sorondil and Rilis, his bastard to a noble mistress and his heir. For his crimes, he was executed and became trapped in the Banished Cells beneath the castle and his only legitimate son was crowned High Kinlord Rilis XIII; to the contrary of his father, he was quite a good mer.[32] Upon death, his son sealed his spirit fearing his father's magic was so powerful that death would not stop him.[25]

Vanus Galerion

Vanus Galerion, once a member of the Psijic of Artaeum, and student of the famed Iachesis founded the Mages Guild in Firsthold in 2E 230. The organization was chartered by the infamous High Kinlord Rilis XII, and later confirmed by the Guilds Act of Potentate Versidue-Shaie.[27] The "Charter Conclave" brought together Rilis, Iachesis, Galerion, and other notables from across the Isles and the Psijic Order to Firsthold to discuss the foundation of the Mages Guild. By common agreement, no records were kept of that meeting. At the time of the Conclave, the High Kinlord was known to traffick with dark powers and made pacts with Daedra, much to the initial distrust of the Mages Guild among society.[33] Almost immediately after the guild was formed it had to hire guards, and the knightly Order of the Lamp was formed the following year.[34] Galerion's idea was to bring together the usually solitary individuals who studied magic and to bring its experimentation to populated settlements, funding the necessary material to anyone, regardless of origin and condition. Firsthold soon attracted scholars and mages from across Tamriel, becoming a center of study and knowledge, comparable or even surpassing Crystal Tower's position. By initially remaining neutral in political affairs, the power of the Mages Guild only grew, but by the Sixth Century of the Second Era, in words of its own founder, "the Guild has become nothing more than an intricate morass of political infighting."[35] Like a tree from an acorn, the Mages Guild grew branches all over the Summerset Isles and gradually the mainland of Tamriel. There are numerous records of superstitious or sensibly fearful rulers forbidding the Guild in their domains, but eventually, all recognized the wisdom of allowing the Guild free rein. There have been only a few rare incidents of the Mages Guild actually becoming involved in local political struggles.[34] During the Fourth Century of the Second Era, the Arcane University was founded by the Empire as headquarters of the Mages Guild, displacing Firsthold as the center of arcane knowledge in Tamriel,[36][37] and by the Sixth Century, Firsthold's relevance was superseded by the Skywatch Guildhall, lead by Telenger the Artificer;[38] although never lost the prestige of being the founding place of such a grand organization.[39][33]

Castle Rilis

Until the reign of Rilis XIII, Castle Rilis was from where High Kinlords from House Rilis ruled over Firsthold. The vaults under its walls were where most of High Kinlords of Firsthold and their relatives and servants were buried; since Rilis XIII succeeded his father to the throne, that became its only function.[40] Castle Rilis is one of the oldest Elven structures in all the Summerset Isles. The vaults beneath the castle are even older still[41] and keep the immortal phantom of High Kinlord XII trapped inside some special chambers called the Banished Cells. Four Keepers were bound with the duty to guard the prison. Each Keeper was once a champion of Auridon, with titles, friends, and family; all abandoned upon becoming a Keeper.[25]

High Kinlord Rilis XIII

When word came from Port Velyn on the continent that Princess Ayrenn was on her way to Auridon by swan ship, the Court of Alinor took itself to Firsthold to greet her, along with the entire city and many Altmer notables, arriving just in time to welcome her unexpected return.[3][42] The city was the first in the Summerset Isles to be visited by her future ruler. Princess Ayrenn announced that she was prepared, as the eldest heir, to assume the Throne of Alinor and she was crowned Queen Ayrenn on the 7th of Frost Fall in the year 580.[43] After Ayrenn assumed the throne of Alinor, and having traveled Tamriel extensively before returning to the Summerset Isles, she was aware of the dire threats menacing the world and saw it as the proper duty of the Elves to put things right. At the same time, the Bosmer and Khajiit were facing troubles of their own and in need of allies. Consequently, the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, and Elsweyr signed the Elden Accord and joined together to form the Dominion, which by the end of 2E 580 had entered the Three Banners War.[43][44] High Kinlord Rilis XIII was one of the most enthusiastic, if not the biggest, supporters among the Altmeri high nobility to the formation of the Dominion.[45][46] In contrast with the others major Kinlords and Kinladies, who were distrusting of their new allies.[47][48][49] Dominion propaganda prospered in Firsthold, most certainly with Rilis XIII support, and its citizens were invited to take The Spirit of the Dominion and share pain and blood with their Bosmer cousins and Khajiit allies to "quiet the unruly hordes of the Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant, and usher in a shining age of reason, culture, and peace."[50]

Vafe Dolmen

During the Planemeld, just outside the city of Firsthold the Worm Cult summoned a Dark Anchor at the Vafe Dolmen. This Dark Anchor was destroyed by the Fighters Guild in 2E 582.

An Oblivion Gate to the Deadlands opened by High Kinlady Estre in 2E 582

High Kinlord Rilis XIII was regarded a great leader among their subjects, famed of being tolerant and of listening to his people. However, like all leaders, he had his share of enemies. He greatly respected and revered Queen Ayrenn and he was extremely close to duty and believed in the order of things, so while he was a supporter of the Dominion and knew High Kinlady Estre opposed their Queen, he was reluctant to take an official stance on the views of the High Kinlady, wishing to remain neutral. High Kinlord Rilis strived to maintain peace in Auridon and the last thing he wanted was to be in the middle of a war between Estre and Ayrenn,[51] even trying to mediate between both parties.[52] However, things changed after High Kinlady Estre was exposed as the leader of the Veiled Heritance, and branded a traitor to Queen Ayrenn, forcing her to flee Skywatch. After her escape, Estre, the Veiled Queen, made a bargain with Mehrunes Dagon promising her very soul in exchange for the support of his daedra to replace the now largely subdued Veiled Heritance. She reached her ultimate target: the city of Firsthold. There, she was let into the city by High Kinlord Rilis XIII, who then remained oblivious to her true nature. After the Soulburst, and with the Dragonfires unlit, Lord Mehrunes Dagon could attack the city with the aid of the Veiled Heritance. In a final act of defiance, Estre opened Oblivion Gates to the Refuge of the Dread, a realm of the Deadlands within the city.[53] Daedric wards were used to create a barrier surrounding Firsthold Castle, trapping High Kinlord Rilis XIII within. With the aid of the local Mages Guild and Fighters Guild, Dominion forces, mostly First Auridon Marines and Eyes of the Queen, were able to destroy the Daedric wards,[54] allowing them to enter the Deadlands and destroy the Sigil Stones which maintained the portals. Estre was killed in a final confrontation by an agent of the Eyes of the Queen,[55] Facing death, Estre turned to Mannimarco,[56] and her soul was claimed by Molag Bal after her death and came to reside in Coldharbour.[57] With the portals sealed, the remaining Daedra were finished off and Rilis XIII was saved.[55] During the attack, Queen Ayrenn's retinue had to hold her down to keep her from entering the fray.[58]

The Binding of Rilis XIII

That same year, High Kinlord Rilis XII was freed from his magical prison and overran The Banished Cells with Daedra, trapping three of the four Keepers. They feared if Rilis reached the surface, Tamriel would be in grave danger. Members from the Undaunted killed the Daedra and helped the Keeper to bound Rilis XII once again.[59] Not long after, the same three Keepers once trapped became enthralled by Rilis, after corrupting them with Daedra bargains, and came to serve him. Once again, a group of Undaunted entered the Banished Cells and defeated the corrupted Keepers and Rilis XII. Once dead, the four keepers bound their spirits to the prison of the High Kinlord.[60]

After the Daedric invasions of both Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, and the subsequent destruction of most of Firsthold in 2E 582,[61][62] Skywatch turned to be the most important city and capital of Auridon until House Rilis rebuilt their city and court, even without a regnant High Kinlord or Kinlady after Estre's death.[40] Before the disaster, the city was thought to be impregnable.[63] Firsthold suffered heavy losses of homes,[64] shops,[65] citizens, soldiers[66] and members of the Fighters[67][68][69] Guild during the attack. Some of the citizens protected themselves and their homes pretty well without help from the invading Daedra, though.[70] There were also many injured among the defenders of the city.[71] Many reference works from the Firsthold Great Library were lost to the strife, including those concerning the details of Glass-forging.[72] Even so, and despite the low morale, both Guilds rebuilt in the time after,[73][74] and returned to their daily routines.[75] From the remaining Daedric portals and pylons, the Mages Guild's researchers opened new lines of daedric research.[76][77] High Kinlord Rilis XIII was thought by their subjects to be the one capable to bring Firsthold back to her former glory.[31] While Skywatch became the provisional capital of Auridon, Rilis chose to stay in Firsthold due to the close proximity of his ancestral family home, Castle Rilis.[40]

Third and Fourth Eras[edit]

By the time of the Imperial Simulacrum, Firsthold was still a prominent city ruled by High Kinlord Kalalian.[78]

High Kinlady Morgiah, the "Black Queen"

During the final years of the Third Era, Firsthold was under the rule of High Kinlord Reman Karoodil and his Dunmer consort, Morgiah of House Ra'athim, nicknamed, the "Black Queen".[6] Their engagement was said to be achieved by Mannimarco's intervention, when Reman was still a prince. He taught Morgiah how to speak to the deceased brother of his future husband, earning the trust of the then High Kinlord of Firsthold, father to Reman.[79] Gialene, daughter of the High Kinlord of Skywatch and member of the court of Firsthold tried to replace the "Black Queen" as couple of Reman by means of a peasant rebellion, with part of the city nobles and priesthood's complicity, based upon the fact that Morgiah was a Dunmer, and thus unfit to her role in Firsthold court. However, Morgiah put down the open rebellion with unconventional tactics of battle. Thereafter, the traitors were executed, and Gialene was sent back with an escort to her father's court of Skywatch.[6] The couple had two children by the end of the Third Era, Goranthir and Rinnala, who were both Dunmer in appearance despite being half-Altmer. Regardless of appearances, however, the children were considered rightful heirs to the throne. This acceptance of new cultures and races onto its shores, some occupying positions that would have been forbidden just a century ago, was the bright side of a nascent revolution in the Summerset Isles, a revolution led by Firsthold. However, this was bitterly overshadowed decades later, although not unexpectedly due to the darker radical movements among Altmeri youth in the years between the Third and Fourth Eras.[80]

The Oblivion Crisis that ended the Third Era and the weakened Empire provided the opportunity for the Third Aldmeri Dominion to form. The Thalmor, reconverted into a political faction that espoused Elven superiority, painted themselves as the saviors of the Summerset Isles during the Crisis. In 4E 22, the Thalmor solidified their position and seized total control of the Summerset Isles, including Auridon, renaming them as Alinor, after the former royal capital.[81] Although Vulkhel Guard has always been the most cosmopolitan port in the Isles since the early First Era, by the Fourth Era,[82] it appears that Firsthold had replaced Vulkhel Guard in its role as main trading port with the mainland.[83] Little is known about Firsthold during the Fourth Era, beyond its status as paramount trading port.[81]


Firsthold has been an integral part of the realm of the Summerset Isles since its foundation. It is one of the two High Kinlordships of the island of Auridon, ruling over the northern part of the region.[40][46] Since the Middle Merethic Era, Firsthold has been ruled by House Rilis,[18] whose members are heirs to the leader of the Aldmeri and founder of the more ancient Kinlordship of Auridon, Torinaan. This first Kinlordship was the political structure from which the others stemmed, both in Auridon and in Summerset, predating the ascent of the Kings and Queens of House Arana from Alinor.[12] Rilis High Kinlords have always hosted a large and vibrant court in their palace and city, receiving nobles from across all of Tamriel in their famous masquerades;[84][9] and patronage both artists[85][86] and scholars.[27] Furthermore, House Rilis has also been regarded as one of the most prestigious and well-connected among Altmer noble families, and even working under their service is well-considered in the highest circles of the Summerset Isles.[87]

The Rilis Guard is an ancient military force tasked to protect the High Kinlords of Firsthold, who ceremonially used to carry a copper buckler, engraved with Rilis' arms.[88]

Like other major cities in the Summerset Isles, the city administration is most likely left to a Canonreeve, appointed directly by the regnant High Kinlord.[89][90]


Firsthold is the center of the shipbuilding industry in the Summerset Isles. The iconic Altmeri Swan Ships are built in the wharves of Firsthold.[91] These heavy ships impulsed by extensive sails,[3] have formed the bulk of the prestigious Summerset and Dominion Armadas since, at least, the Second Era,[92] replacing the Altmeri Cutters, a type of light ship which participated in the All-Flags Navy during the Late First Era.[93] However, they are not only used as warships, and most of the passenger travel and trade from and to the mainland is done with Swan Ships.[3]

Firsthold's constant flow of trade both by sea[94] and land[95] has also been proven profitable to outlander merchants, mostly Khajiit,[94] who import goods from the mainland, mostly alcoholic beverages.[96][63] However, the strongest ties of trade are with Valenwood (and the rest of the mainland), especially with the many Altmeri colonies established on its coasts. This is done mainly by local Altmer merchants.[97] By the Fourth Era, it appears that Firsthold had replaced Vulkhel Guard in its role as the main trading port of the Summerset Isles with the mainland.[83]

Glass forging was first developed in Firsthold and since the First Era, this settlement has been the best source of the exotic and ornate, but strong, Altmeri Glass armors and weapons.[72] Altmeri armorers are able to forge light and flexible bands of metal studded with glass. The resulting protection is interwoven at great expense but is preferable to steel due to its enhanced strength and ability to distribute and absorb impact damage. Mainlanders have been unable to replicate its durability and flexibility. Raw glass is harvested from volcanic sites in the Summerset Isles and has a partly translucent greenish tinge to it and is lighter and more flexible than even ebony.[3]

Marble sculptors and brass and tin clockwork artisans from Firsthold were among the most appreciated in Tamriel.[85][86][98][99]

Firsthold Altmer citizens are known to be uncanny, and disdainful of countenance.[3] They should not be taken lightly by outsiders, while their disposition appears serious, their meanings run deep in every word, and a seemingly innocent remark may hold the greatest of insults. They are also accused of not understanding sarcasm.[94] Living in the city is known to be specially expensive, even by Altmer standards.[100] Although Firsthold Altmer are among the most tolerant with other races, from commoner to nobles, most of them still despise those who stand outside the establishment.[101][6][80]

The terraced gardens of Firsthold

The terraced gardens below the Firsthold palace are one of the best examples of Altmeri gardening.[3] Altmer have strict botanical standards, they demand obedience from the trees. If they can't magically force them into shape, often in strange ways, they'll cut them. It is rumored Altmer gardeners will have trees uprooted, even after years of work, if just one flower blooms without exactly the right number of petals, or if one fruit does not have the proper number of seeds.[102][103]

The many temples of Firsthold are devoted to Auri-El and are famed to be some of the most beautiful of all of Tamriel.[104] By Altmeri tradition, Castle Rilis vaults are out of bounds. Those who trespass may face death or exile from the Summerset Isles.[3] Castle Rilis is where most of High Kinlords of Firsthold and their relatives and servants are buried.[40]

Before the dissolution of the Mages Guild following the Oblivion Crisis, Firsthold had a large Guildhall, comparable to those in Vulkhel Guard and Skywatch,[105] holding the prestigious position of been the first to be founded in all of Tamriel, however, after the founding of the Arcane University,[36][37] and the rise of the Skywatch Guildhall, lead by Telenger the Artificer, the Firsthold Guildhall lost most of its power;[106] although never lost the prestige of being the founding place of such a grand organization.[39][33] It is unknown what happened to all of their activities after the Guild's dissolution in the Fourth Era.[107]

The Fighters Guild had an important presence in the town by the mid-Second Era too, however, it is unknown if the organization survived after the formation of the Third Aldmeri Dominion.[108]

Notable People[edit]

  • Topal the Pilot, the earliest known Aldmeri explorer of Tamriel, hailed from Firsthold.[14]
  • The famed scholar Olpion of Firsthold, who heavily worked on Daedra summoning in the Crystal Tower, was born in Firsthold.[109]
  • The noted scholar Ahrtabazus published "The Faerie Chain" in Firsthold in 2E 456.[110]
  • Aurelenya of Firsthold, a famed Altmer sculptor of the Second Era worked in Firsthold during the Interregnum.[85][86]
  • High Councilor and later Potentate Ocato of the Third Empire was born in Firsthold.[111]


  • Arena was originally conceived as a fighting game featuring a tournament that took the player to each of Tamriel's cities to challenge different gladiatorial teams. According to a file from that stage of development left behind in the final game, Firsthold's gladiatorial team would have been called "the Reapers".[UOL 2]


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