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Glacier Crawl
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Evermore
Appears in Shadowkey
Map showing the location of Glacier Crawl

Glacier Crawl is a network of icy passages found in eastern High Rock near the border of Hammerfell. It is inhabited by hostile blue-skinned humanoids known as Ice Warriors, who bear a resemblance to the Falmer. The passages are sealed with frozen gates, which can only be opened through use of a lever system. The levers require a frozen key to operate, and each of the Ice Warriors possess only a single key, making traversing the maze of passages difficult for adventurers.

One of the airships which once sailed the sky to collect the seven Star Teeth crashed into the glacier. The Ice Warriors raided the ship, taking their Star Tooth and trapping the crew, who were left to die. The spirit of Captain Nym remained to haunt the ship.

In 3E 397, an adventurer came in search of the Star Teeth, which were needed to fight the growing forces of shadow. The adventurer recovered the Star Tooth from the Chieftain of the Ice Warriors, and spoke with Captain Nym, whose spirit was eased by the reunification of the Star Teeth, the defeat of the Ice Warriors and the impending battle against the Umbra' Keth. Nym gifted the adventurer with the Star Coif, a valuable and protective piece of light armor.

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