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The Halls of Colossus
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Region Pelletine
Appears in Arena
Outside the Halls of Colossus, as they appear in Arena
AR-mapicon-The Halls of Colossus.png

The Halls of Colossus is an ancient structure in the Quin'rawl Peninsula of southern Elsweyr. The complex, perched on a cliff overlooking the Great Divide,[1] is on annexed land, much of which is now magically polluted.[UOL 1] The Halls themselves are made up of three levels which become progressively smaller with each ascending level.


Sources speak different about who built the Halls. Some say it was built to honor a race of giants or by giants themselves. The architect of the ruins was someone named Theodorus.[1] Dro'Mhakij, a skooma addict, claimed that it was built by the Tiber Septim as testing ground for his new weapon, the Numidium.[UOL 1]

What is known for sure though is that the Halls already existed during the Second Era,[2] long before Tiber Septim existed.

Jagar Tharn used it as a hiding place for the fourth of piece of the Staff of Chaos during the Imperial Simulacrum. The Eternal Champion retrieved this piece on his quest to save Emperor Uriel Septim VII.[3]

Map showing the Halls of Colossus

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