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Lord Hollowjack
ON-hat-Hollowjack Spectre Mask.jpg
A mask made to resemble Hollowjack
Race Daedra Lord (Pumpkin Spectre) Gender Male
Resided in Detritus
"Chop and amputate and hack, Happy work for Hollowjack."The Hollowjack Cantor[1]

Hha-Lugh-Zhek, more commonly known as Lord Hollowjack, is a dread Daedra Lord who rules over the demi-plane of Detritus. He is also known as the Lord of Mortal Fears and the Fear Daedra.[2]

He is a unique Greater Daedra, a Pumpkin Spectre[3] who derives supernatural power by metaphysically feeding on the terrified whispers of all Men and Mer who are driven by fear to pray for divine intervention. It is in this moment of dread that Hollowjack appears, speaking softly or in whispers from a mouth full of long, sharp teeth in order to carry out this "fear feeding". He has long, slender, and agile fingers tipped with sharp talons that can slash or puncture, but which are usually used to gently emphasize what the voice behind them is saying.[2]

Every year, during the Witches Festival on the 13th of Frost Fall, the portals between Nirn and Detritus open.[4] As such, Hollowjack is closely associated with that festival, and it has become tradition for celebrants to masquerade as Hollowjack during the event.[3] Hollowjack-style armor and weapons are crafted using pumpkin, black hawthorn, and amber marble.[1][5]

There is a long literary tradition of personal accounts and folk tales detailing the mortal victims of Hollowjack who were driven mad with fear due to repeated visitations from the Daedra. The Psijic Order have gathered a collection of these accounts as part of their studies on Oblivion, and categorize these individuals as "Hollowjack's Haunted".[2] In Nibenay folklore, Hollowjack has a connection to house cats. In the case of houses where the owner was murdered, Hollowjack is said to send the spirit of the owner's cat back to haunt the house and torment the killer.[6]

Hollowjack bears some similarities to Jaque o' the Hollow, a malevolent spirit said to haunt a hidden hollow in Rivenspire. On the night of the Witches Festival, Jaque o' the Hollow curses riders all across Tamriel to ride headless throughout the night, clutching a carved pumpkin atop their mount.[7][8]