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Hunting Grounds
Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
Appears in ESO
The Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds is a realm of Oblivion created and ruled over by Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt.[1][2] It has been described as a realm of dense woodland and vast grasslands populated by werebears, wild cattle and unicorns. It is full of endless mazes inhabited by vicious creatures such as bears, wolves, werecreatures, and Daedra. These creatures are generally much larger than their counterparts in the mortal realm.[3] The Hunting Grounds are also populated with the spirits of small animals that may be hunted.

Skaal folklore states that during the Bloodmoon Prophecy, Hircine and his hounds preyed upon entire tribes of men and took them to the Hunting Grounds where they would be hunted down by the inhabitants. Other tales state that a single man is taken into his realm as his prey, and if he can last through the Bloodmoon, Hircine returns to his realm for another era.[2]

The souls of lycanthropes are claimed by Hircine and spend eternity experiencing the thrill of the hunt in his Hunting Grounds.[1] However, it is possible for a soul to transfer to the proper afterlife (such as Sovngarde) if their lycanthropy is cured posthumously.[4] During the daylight hours, werebears and fierce Nords stalk the land in their continual Hunt. When the sun sinks below the horizon, Hircine announces himself with a pack of werewolves to take his turn in the cycle.[3]

March of Sarcrifices[edit]

The March of Sacrifices is part of the hunting grounds and was made to resemble a marsh from Tamriel. It consists of three sections the Bloodscent Pass, the Whispwood, and the Nightlands and each represents different times of day.[UOL 1] As the hunter passes through through the marsh they will see a sudden transition from dusk to night time and the flora will change in luminosity from a bright orange to blue to reflect.[UOL 2] It is inhabited by Lurchers, wisp mothers, Indirks, and spectral fauna such as goats.[UOL 3]

Sometime around 2E 583 the great hunt was held within it. A group of Undaunted assisted Hanu, a Dunmer of the Zainab tribe in completing the hunt in hopes gaining Hircine's boon so she can free the soul of her father from the hunting grounds. the Undaunted were met with competition from the other hunting parties but were successful in completing Hircine's task which was retrieving the heart of Tarcyr, a formidable Indrik. In the spirit of the hunt in that the hunter can become the hunted, Hircine offered a rival hunting group belonging to Balorgh, a possibly disloyal servant of Vykosa, a chance to earn his boon if they retrieved the heart from the group of Undaunted. The Undaunted group faced off against Balorgh, who revealed his Werewolf Behemoth form, an experimental form developed by Archivist Ernarde at the request of Vykosa that was designed to enhance a werewolf's strength. [5] In the end, the form was not enough to beat the Undaunted and Hanu was able to earn Hircine's boon and choose if she were to free her father from the hunting grounds, or herself at the request of her father. [6]


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