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Isle of N'Gasta
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Abecean Sea
Appears in Redguard
Map showing the Isle of N'Gasta alongside Stros M'Kai
The Isle of N'Gasta

The Isle of N'Gasta is a small island west of Stros M'Kai, named after its infamous resident, the Sload necromancer N'Gasta. The isle suffers from frequent storms and is always a gloomy place, inhabited by bats and tentacle monsters.[1]

A chain of islands called The Spine extends from Stros M'Kai's northern shore, and at its end a mysterious bone-like boatman once ferried travelers to and from the Necromancer's Isle.[1] A large graveyard covers most of the isle, and it was likely once used by the first Redguard settlers to bury criminals. This was a tradition brought over from Yokuda, to prevent the criminal's evil spirit from tormenting the living.[2] The Necropolis,[3] the largest structure in the graveyard, spans the width of the island, barring those who seek the old wizard's tower. This tower, sometimes called N'Gasta's Tower, is situated on an islet at the isle's southern tip.

During the reign of Thassad II, N'Gasta came to the isle and made it his.[4] After the Battle of Hunding Bay in 2E 864, he began raising skeletons and zombies, including those who died in the battle.[3] Later that year, Cyrus came to the isle and accepted a delivery job from N'Gasta.[5] He came back after he learned that his sister, Iszara, was last seen on her way to N'Gasta to ask for assistance. He discovered N'Gasta's treachery and after killing the necromancer, entered the realm of Clavicus Vile to bargain for her soul. With Iszara saved, they headed back to Stros M'Kai together.[6]



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