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Lord K'avar
DF-npc-Lord K'avar (face).png
Lord K'avar as seen in Daggerfall
Race and Gender Redguard Male
Resided in Sentinel
Appears in Daggerfall
Lord K'avar in the citadel of Sentinel

Lord K'avar was a noble from the Kingdom of Sentinel in the late Third Era. [1] He was a veteran of the War of Betony. During a battle in the Glenpoint Foothills, he received a disfiguring injury from a fireball cast by a Dark Elf mercenary nightblade.[2] After the war, K'avar commanded the Order of the Candle along with Lord Vhosek. Their knightly order was charged with the protection of Sentinel, replacing the defunct Knights of the Moon.[1]

In the years prior to the Warp in the West, Lord K'avar allied himself with the Order of the Black Worm, plotting to overthrow Queen Akorithi and usurp the throne of Sentinel. K'avar went into hiding once the Fighters Guild got involved, although he was later arrested and imprisoned in the dungeons of Castle Sentinel. He then escaped and fled to Castle Wayrest. Akorithi ordered his execution, but it is unknown if this was carried out.[3][4][5]


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