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Race and Gender Redguard Male
Born 3rd Era
Resided in Wayrest, Mournhold
Appears in Tribunal

Karrod was a mysterious Redguard warrior and a lifelong friend and protector of Hlaalu Helseth. He was long perceived as being deaf and dumb due to his refusal to speak to anyone.

Karrod was born in the city of Wayrest in High Rock. As a child, Karrod's father gave him an odd Dwemer longsword, and told him that none would defeat him in battle until the blade's rightful owner came to claim it. Karrod was then seemingly orphaned on the streets of Wayrest, and turned to thievery. After he had the audacity to attempt to rob Princess Elysana, her half-brother Prince Helseth took him into his employ. Karrod grew to be extremely loyal towards Helseth for taking him in. True to his father's prophecy, he also remained undefeated in battle and became a deadly warrior. Helseth proclaimed him his Champion, and Karrod joined the ranks of the Royal Guard when Helseth inherited the Throne of Morrowind and moved to Mournhold.

In 3E 427, the Nerevarine came to Mournhold. In order to earn the King's trust, Karrod and the Nerevarine dueled, and Karrod lost. This also earned the Nerevarine the warrior's respect and friendship, and his admission of defeat was the first time Helseth had ever heard him speak. The goddess Almalexia later ordered the Nerevarine to reforge Trueflame, the Blade of Nerevar. As fate would have it, the three fractured pieces of the blade had come to Mournhold. Karrod's Dwemer weapon was one such piece, and the warrior duly surrendered his blade to the Nerevarine.[1]


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