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The Merethic Society was a loose group of adventurers who specialized in collecting antiques and historical relics. Named after the Merethic Era—the legendary age between the creation of Nirn and the start of the First Era—the society's mandate compelled them to go to great lengths in order to collect and preserve history. This included trading for items on the black market or procuring relics directly from ruins. They generally operated as inconspicuously as possible, as many governments didn't condone their work.[1][2]

Every piece the society admits into their collection must have aesthetic or historic significance, and elevate the prestige of the collection as a whole. During the Interregnum, the society re-purposed an Ayleid ruin named Rulanyil's Fall to serve as a museum where the society could display their various historical relics to the general public. This included relics from Dwemer, Ayleid, Yokudan, Nedic and Altmer civilizations.[2][3][4][5][6]


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