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King Narilmor, an ancient Ayleid willingly purified by Meridia
An Imperial unwillingly purified by Meridia

The Meridian Purified are mortals who have been stripped of their will and bestowed with the gift of immortality by the Daedric Prince Meridia for the purpose of serving her for all eternity. People who join the ranks of the Meridian Purified include those who willingly pledge themselves to Meridia's service, as well the unwilling, such as those who defy her.[1][2][3]

A notable example of a willing convert was the Ayleid King Narilmor, who guarded one half of the ancient relic known as the Wrathstone in the Ayleid ruins of Garlas Malatar for three thousand years. An entire Imperial expedition was forcibly converted when they uncovered the power hidden within Garlas Malatar, serving as unwilling protectors of the Wrathstone.[4] In 2E 583, the treasure hunter Tharayya accompanied by Undaunted adventurers uncovered the horrors that took place in Garlas Malatar. The expedition fought off hordes of the Meridian Purified who attempted to convert them, and were ultimately successful in retrieving the Wrathstone.[5]


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