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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
Subregions West Gash
Appears in Arena, Morrowind, ESO
Balmora circa 3E 427

Balmora (or Stoneforest in Dunmeris) was a seat of power of House Redoran and later the nominal district seat of House Hlaalu, and the second largest settlement geographically on Vvardenfell after Vivec. Balmora was located at the southernmost edge of the West Gash, right at the point where the region converged with the Ashlands, the marshes of the Bitter Coast and the lush plantations of the Ascadian Isles. The Odai River ran through its heart and divided it into four districts, High Town, the Commercial District, Labor Town, and nearby Moonmoth Legion Fort.

Balmora has existed in some form since at least the late First Era, playing host to all three members of the Tribunal during the era's final days.[1] The town's most familiar incarnation, with Hlaalu-style houses, was constructed in the mid-Second Era when House Redoran contracted House Hlaalu to build the cities of Balmora and Suran for them. According to the contract, the cities were to be built in the Redoran style, but the Hlaalu nonetheless built it in their own style.[2] Around 2E 583, Balmora was ruled by the Redoran councilor Eris Releth, until he was murdered by his own daughter in a family tragedy. Some members of House Hlaalu, most notably Councilor Rayveth, also lived and operated in the city. In addition, the Morag Tong maintained a safehouse in the city at the time.[3]

Balmora circa 2E 583

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Stoneforest was an active settlement, being ruled by Count Caskan. It had a rivalry with Karththor Dale.[4] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Markgran Forest in the north, and Old Run in the east.[5]

By 3E 427, Balmora and Suran had been overtaken by House Hlaalu, and Balmora became their seat of power in Vvardenfell. At the time, business in the city was run by Nileno Dorvayn from the Hlaalu council house, but no Hlaalu councilors actually lived in Balmora.[6]

The town was destroyed during the Red Year by the eruption of Red Mountain.[7] In a major relief effort out of Mournhold led by House Redoran, Balmora, along with certain other settlements around Vvardenfell, were rebuilt following the Red Year.[8]

Moonmoth Legion Fort was an Imperial Legion fort located east of Balmora in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. The fort offered an Imperial Cult altar, and apothecary, enchanting, smithing and trading services.

The drink Balmora Blue is named after the city. It is a potent, contraband beverage made from moon sugar and other ingredients.[7]

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