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A Naga
Nasty characters. Puff adders with legs and arms, seven feet tall, eight when they're mad. Come from the inner swamp, and they don't like it here much so they're particularly peevish.The Argonian Account

The Nagas are a little-known breed of Argonian that live in the deep parts of Black Marsh. Nagas have some distinct differences in their appearance compared to the Argonians most commonly seen throughout Tamriel. They are described as having "huge mouths filled with dripping needle-like fangs". Nagas usually stand from seven to eight feet tall, and are described as 'puff adders', suggesting snake-like features.

When Imperial interests were attempting to maintain plantations in Argonia, the Nagas generally acted as highway robbers; however, following the cessation of these efforts, they have since left the roads and have gone back into the inner swamps.[1]

The Naga-Kur (or "Dead-Water Tribe") of northern Murkmire control much of the inner swamps. Unlike the tribeless Nagas that inhabit the region, the Naga-Kur are proud warriors, deeply entrenched in tradition. They are hostile to outsiders and feared by neighbouring tribes because of their brutal ways.[2][3]



  • Various accounts suggest their appearance can resemble snakes, toads, or cuttlefish.[citation needed]


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