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Race and Gender Unknown Male
Born 3rd Era

Nesmyt (also spelled Nezmyt[1]) was the leader of the Scenarist Guild, which he ruled with an iron fist.[1] Originally, Nesmyt was an Acolyte of the Mages Guild, but he was looked down upon by his colleagues due to his low rank.[2] To rise in rank, he had to pledge fealty to Vychamp, the Mercenary Guild's self-styled leader. Nesmyt would not do this, as Vychamp had emasculated his children out of jealousy over his spouse. Nesmyt also began to hallucinate in his sleep.[2]

It is unknown how Nesmyt rose to become the leader of the Scenarist Guild, which had existed for hundreds of years prior to his tortured path to membership in the Mages Guild. In 3E 370, Nesmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charted with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn.[1] Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Daggerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine to the Oracle in the Dragontail Mountains.[2]



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