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Netch (or netches) are large and generally peaceful creatures that resemble airborne jellyfish with the size and disposition of cattle, floating through the air supported by internal sacks of magical gases. Adolescent netches are called calves and resemble female ("betty") netches. [1][2] Male ("bull") netches are larger than the female ("betty") netches, and sometimes possess the ability to poison their opponents, the latter can be provoked into aggression more easily. They are usually peaceful but can be defensive of their territory, particularly during breeding season. When betty netches are afraid, they secrete pheromone oils that drive bull netches mad, turning them aggressive.[3]

Netch are often domesticated in Morrowind, mainly due to their hides making good quality leather, although the skin contains a toxin that renders the meat inedible.[4] The netch jelly secretes from their carcasses contains a harmless venom that paralyzes the nervous system, and is used as an alchemical ingredient. While feral betties usually keep a harem of several bulls, herders often keep the female-male ratio low for faster breeding. Some wild families appeared in Solstheim in the Fourth Era, perhaps drawn by the familiar flora that had grown up in the southern ashlands following the Red Year.

Various netch breeds exist. The most common netch breed has a blue bioluminescence and can be found all over Morrowind. The mossy netch has a green bioluminescence and can most commonly be found in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. The rosy netch has a red bioluminescence and is native to the foyadas of the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell.

Netches are related to the Swamp Jellies of Black Marsh. Some historians theorize that the relation may be a result of the Dunmer raiding Black Marsh for thousands of years in an effort to bring back things they deemed valuable, such as slave labor, livestock,and critters.[5]


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