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The banner of the New Life Festival

The New Life Festival is a Tamriel-wide event that marks the fresh start of the year. In contrast to the Old Life Festival, New Life takes place at the beginning of Morning Star. It was originally the celebration of the sun god, Magnus, but over time it changed into a celebration of the gift of New Life, heralded by the sun.[1][2] Almost all major races in Tamriel celebrate the New Life Festival in their own unique cultural way, and the celebrations themselves have been known to change over time. Many of the celebrations are symbolic of a historical event or have some form of deeper meaning. Celebrations include races, feasts, games and dancing.[3]

In the Third Era, the reigning Emperor was known to give a New Life Address during this period, and many provinces observed the tradition of free ale in all taverns.[4] All across Tamriel, various citizens from all walks of life take up the mantle of New Life Herald, and offer assistance to people who wish to take part in the festivities.[2] Not all people support the festival however. Some believe that engaging in such "frivolity and hedonistic behavior" in times of great peril is an affront to the teachings of Jhunal and Stuhn. Conversely, many merchants attribute a large portion of their annual income to the festival.[5]


Traditional celebrations including food, drink, games and dance are common. The Dunmer of Ebonheart celebrate the New Life with an act of defiance. When dancing was very briefly outlawed in the city, the citizens found a way around it by promptly inventing the Lava Foot Stomp. A dance they called a necessity, should their boot ever catch aflame, and performed it various taverns across town.[2] Similarly, the Bretons of Alcaire Castle, after recovering from a bloody war, developed a tradition called the Castle Charm Challenge where participants must entertain the castle's inhabitants with a daring performance. This celebration gave the survivors a chance to heal and laugh once more.[2]

Bosmer immigrants to Auridon introduced the locals of Skywatch to the Mud Ball Merriment, a game where balls of mud are thrown at everyone. Each year, the Bosmer also agree upon a specific target that they feel needs to be humbled the most.[2] The Redguards of Bergama partake in the Signal Fire Sprint. A race to light several beacons around the city. This is to honor the sacrifice of an ancestor who saved Bergama from certain doom.[6] The Orcs of Betnikh celebrate through a constant party, known as the Stonetooth Bash. Food, drink and festivities are at the heart of their New Life celebration.[2]

Not all celebrations are lavish, grand events. The Altmer of Haven celebrate through the simple act of charity. Known as the War Orphan's Sojourn, participants travel to a temple in the heart of Grahtwood and donate what they can, be it their gold or their time.[2] Similarly, the Argonians of Hissmir have the Fish Boon Feast, one of Shadowfen's oldest celebrations. Those who are able to fish bring back food for those who are unable to. This is to remind them that it warms the heart to feed the hungry and to help those who are truly in need.

More obscure celebrations include that of the Nords of Lower Yorgrim, who celebrate by travelling to remote places, stripping down and leaping into freezing water, then drying off by a large fire among fellow participants. This is to show that they aren't afraid of what the cold brings, and that at the end of a winter's journey is a warm fire and good company.[2] The Khajiit of Rawl'kha celebrate the New Life Festival by finding true wealth in their actions. They honor their trickster god, Rajhin, with the Trial of the Five-Clawed Guile. The challenge involves stealing coins from either locked boxes, or the pockets of a previous winner. This shows the participant has such little regard for barriers as Rajhin did.[7]


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