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Padomaic Ocean[edit]

The Padomaic Ocean encompasses all of mainland Tamriel. The continent of Akavir lies across the Padomaic Ocean to the east, and the continent of Atmora lies across the Sea of Ghosts to the north. The Padomaic Ocean meets the Eltheric Ocean in the west.

The Pale[edit]

The Pale is a northern boot-shaped hold of Skyrim, one of the four known collectively as the Old Holds. The hold is a barren realm covered by vast fields of ice and snow, some scattered mountains, and some pine forests. It stretches from the center of Skyrim all the way to its northern coast. Lake Yorgrim marks the eastern corner, while the capital Dawnstar is a busy port found along the northern coast. The hold's distinctive boot shape is due to it curving around the mountain range which forms its border with Winterhold.

Pale Pass[edit]

The Pale Pass is a secluded pass through the Jerall Mountains on the Cyrodiil-Skyrim border. A ruined Imperial fort can be found in the pass. The flora is similar to the rest of the mountain range, and a tribe of ogres inhabit the area. A cobbled road winds its way through the pass, and many small frozen lakes culminate in the lowest parts of the valley. The easiest way to get to and from the pass on the Cyrodiil side is to go through a natural cave system located north of Bruma, named the Serpent's Trail by the Akaviri. The pass emerges into Falkreath Hold on the Skyrim side, near the settlements of Helgen and Neugrad Watch.


Pankor is a small island marking the westernmost extent of the Abecean Sea, far to the southwest of Hammerfell's coast and northwest of The Systres. A very small unnamed group of islands lies to the southwest. A bay on Pankor's east coast nearly splits the island into a northern and southern half.

Panther River[edit]

The Panther River rises in southeastern Cyrodiil, close to the border with Black Marsh, and flows mainly westwards until passing through a large meander into Niben Bay. "The Mouth of the Panther", as the river's delta is dramatically known, contains many jagged rocks notorious for destroying ships.

Sea of Pearls[edit]

The Sea of Pearls is a large body of water found west of the Abecean Sea, off the coast of both the provinces of High Rock, and the Summerset Isles. Underwater in the Sea of Pearls lies the kingdom of Ul'vor Kus, which is ruled by the Sea Sloads. A more reclusive and mysterious sect than the land Sload of Thras, who use the coral from the Sea of Pearls in their magic. The continent of Yokuda is also found along the Sea of Pearls, along with the southern islands of Nalonga and Ravan. The island of Kevalla is also found here. North of the Sea of Pearls is the Azurian Sea.


Pelagiad was a small settlement in the Ascadian Isles region of Morrowind, on the island of Vvardenfell.

In 2E 582, a Pelagiad Garrison was maintained by the Ebonheart Pact, although no town or fort existed by that name in Vvardenfell at the time. After Vvardenfell was opened for settlement in 3E 414, Fort Pelagiad was built by the Imperial Legion and House Hlaalu to guard the roads between Vivec, Balmora and Seyda Neen. Legion veterans began to build farms around the fort, and several shops were set up as the village grew. The town was officially chartered, and noted for its Western architecture resembling that of a High Rock village. By 3E 427, the settlement boasted a tavern, tradehouse, blacksmith and Imperial Cult services. Following the destruction caused during the Red Year of 4E 5, Pelagiad was likely destroyed.

Pell's Gate[edit]

Pell's Gate is a settlement located east of the White Rose River in the Heartlands of Cyrodiil. It can be found where the Red Ring Road joins with the Green Road, in the region known as the North Weald.

Before the Alliance War of 2E 582, Pell's Gate was seemingly a well-established town. However, Legion patrols became less frequent when war broke out, and bandits began to threaten the town and raid its livestock. It was eventually overrun by the Homestead bandit clan from the nearby ruins of Fort Homestead, who then destroyed and occupied the settlement. Several of the townsfolk managed to escape, and fled to the town of Vlastarus.

By the late Third Era, Pell's Gate was only a collection of shacks. At some point, a Bosmer girl from the village named Lenwin came into possession of the Umbra Sword. The sword caused her to grow bloodthirsty, and she began calling herself Umbra after the sword. Eventually she departed Pell's Gate to join a group of mercenaries, before ultimately returning to the area and taking up residence in the nearby Ayleid ruins of Vindasel. In 3E 433, Clavicus Vile tasked the Champion of Cyrodiil with tracking down the sword, which resulted in Lenwin's death. During the Oblivion Crisis later that year, farmers from Pell's Gate were recruited by the Imperial Legion to close a nearby Oblivion Gate. After the Gate was destroyed, the fortifications that surrounded it grew into the town of Ione. By 4E 40, the towns of Sweetwater and Easterbridge had also sprung up in close proximity to Pell's Gate.


Pellitine (also known as Pelletine and Pa'alatiin in Ta'agra) was a kingdom in southern Tamriel. It merged with the rival kingdom of Anequina in 2E 309 to form the Elsweyr Confederacy, uniting the province for the first time. Pellitine occupied the southern half of Elsweyr, a region of jungles, rainforests, and river basins.


Phrygias was a barony on the western coast of High Rock, in the Iliac Bay region. It existed in the late First Era, as well as in the late Third Era. It was surrounded by the Wrothgarian Mountains to the east, Dwynnen and Urvaius to the south, and Ykalon to the west. The Garlythi clan was the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity was Stendarr. The provincial seat was the city of Phrygias. Phrygias was one of the primary members of a coalition that fought and defeated the forces of the Camoran Usurper in the massive Battle of Firewaves.

Pinepeak Cavern[edit]

Pinepeak Cavern is a natural cavern found in the region of the Rift, in the province of Skyrim. Like various other natural caves in Tamriel, the Pinepeak Cavern served as a capillary for the living body of Nirn, to pulsate the living essence of the Aedra who had created it.


In the late-Merethic Era, the Pinepeak Cavern was chosen to inter one of the fallen Five Hundred Companions, Hakra, who had fallen in the battle against Sinmur, the Chieftain of the Giants. Throughout the centuries, the Pinepeak Cavern had been used as a sanctuary for refugees in the area. While the local people would say that the cave is safe, many would refuse to enter, fearing that it would collapse on them.

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Order of the Black Worm had launched an invasion onto the Rift, seeking to revive Sinmur and wreak havoc across the region. The Worm Cult had come across Pinepeak Cavern, to enslave Hakra's spirit, and later sacrifice her to strengthen Sinmur. However, Hakra was freed by an Agent of the Pact.

As of 4E 201, Pinepeak Cavern had collapsed in and has since become a Bear's den.

Pinnacle Rock[edit]

Pinnacle Rock is the home of the Mazken in the Shivering Isles, located in Dementia at the southern tip of the Madgod's Boot. This is the Mazken's most sacred place, as it contains the Wellspring of the Mazken. The souls of the fallen are called from the Waters of Oblivion to the Font of Rebirth by use of ceremonial chimes. The stronghold was a gift from Lord Sheogorath, and usually no one—not even Sheogorath himself—are permitted inside its sacred halls.

In 3E 433 Pinnacle Rock was invaded by Order. This was rumored to have been caused by the subterfuge of Syl, a previous Duchess of Dementia who had been converted to a Priestess of Order in the coming Greymarch, although this conflicts with the rumors of her assassination. The effects of this infiltration was devastating on the realm's army. Order crystals covered the Wellspring, drying up its waters and turning the Mazken to stone. Sheogorath's Champion, who had been granted access to the stronghold to fight the invading Knights of Order, was able to shatter the crystals around the Wellspring and restore the Mazken, who were then able to defeat the remaining forces of Order.

The Pits[edit]

The Pits is a realm of Oblivion, created and ruled over by Peryite, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence. Here, Peryite guards the lowest orders of Oblivion. The realm resembles the Deadlands, with lava seas, volcanic islands and ruined structures. The realm is usually completely inaccessible to mortals, but there have been several exceptions.

Plaza Brindisi Dorom[edit]

The Plaza Brindisi Dorom occupies the southernmost quadrant of Mournhold. It is a public garden dominated by a great statue at its center.

The plaza is named after Indoril Brindisi Dorom, the duke of Mournhold who was killed when Mehrunes Dagon destroyed the city in 1E 2920.

The southwest gate leads to Godsreach, the southeast gate to the Great Bazaar, and the Gates of Symmachus to the outside world.

In 2E 582, both the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild had their guildhalls on the Plaza.

After the events that occur during the Fabricant assault on the Plaza, the statue of Almalexia and Mehrunes Dagon in the center of the square is torn asunder, revealing an entrance to the Dwemer Ruins of Bamz-Amschend.

Lake Poppad[edit]

Lake Poppad is a small, isolated lake in the forested wilderness of the Nibenay Basin region of Cyrodiil. It is north of the Corbolo River's source, southwest of Cheydinhal, and far to the east of the Imperial City and the Red Ring Road. A shrine to Vaermina is on its northeastern shore. Nirnroot has been known to grow on its banks. It originally fed a tributary of the Reed River circa 2E 582, although this stream had seemingly dried up by 3E 433.

Port Hunding[edit]

Port Hunding, also called Stros M'Kai, is a city on the island of Stros M'Kai. Situated north of Hunding Bay, the city takes up a large portion of the island's area.

Portdun Creek[edit]

Portdun Creek (formerly known as Portdun Watch) is a town found in the region of Stormhaven, within the province of High Rock. It was originally an outwork built for Firebrand Keep, the enclave of the Knights of the Flame. It protected the road between the city of Wayrest, and the castle-town of Alcaire, but it was later abandoned, and it became a prominent settlement.


Pothago was a small duchy on the western coast of Hammerfell, in the Iliac Bay region. It was surrounded by Myrkwasa to the east and Kairou to the south. The Redguards who lived here had declared no official or predominant deity. The duchy's capital was the city of Pothago. The Selenu clan was the predominant vampire bloodline in the region.

After the Warp in the West, Pothago came under the dominion of Sentinel.

Privateer's Hold[edit]

Privateer's Hold is a dungeon located within the Kingdom of Daggerfall of the Iliac Bay, situated in the province of High Rock. Privateer's Hold is located along a river found in the northern end of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, just before it meets the Barony of Tulune. In 3E 405, an Agent of the Third Empire had traveled for Daggerfall to exorcize the spirit of King Lysandus of Daggerfall, who had perished amidst the War of Betony. However, instead of arriving on Daggerfall's ports, the Agent had washed ashore within the confines of Privateer's Hold, to which they promptly escaped to continue their mission. The Agent was among several emissaries sent by Uriel Septim VII to deal with issues in the Iliac Bay, such as Naigon Strale.


Pyandonea is an island-continent located to the far southwest of Tamriel which is home to the elusive Maormer, who had been exiled there by the ancient Aldmer during the days of Aldmeris. The island is covered mostly in dense rain forests which provides a habitat for the southern water spirits. It was also marshy, and full of insects. The Maormeri practice a powerful form of snake magic which they use to tame the sea serpents of Pyandonea for use as mounts and warbeasts. King Orgnum, famous for his coffer, was from this land. Pyandonea translates to "The Veil of Mist", and according to legend, Orgnum and his followers were banished to this place after he tried to lead a rebellion against the Aldmer, and an impenetrable mist would forever keep them from Aldmeris. However, this mist would not keep them from targeting Summerset and southwestern Tamriel.