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River Samsi
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region West Gash
Appears in Morrowind
River Samsi

The River Samsi, or Ouada Samsi, was a large waterway in the West Gash region, on the northwestern coast of Vvardenfell. It created the peninsula which would become home to Gnisis and Ald Velothi. Its headwaters were northeast of Gnisis, and the river flowed south and then west, wrapping around the city and emptying into the Inner Sea.[1]

Many ancestral tombs of the Dunmer were nearby. The banks of this river were very steep, so steep it was sometimes called a gorge. This could make crossings difficult, especially since it wasn't deep enough to allow boat transport, but the Dunmer made do with a series of rope bridges. Kagouti had been known to pose a problem for travellers nearby.[1]

During the Red Year of 4E 5,[2] the eruption of Red Mountain devastated the area, ostensibly wiping Gnisis from the face of Tamriel. An eyewitness reported that the waters around Gnisis were vaporized into steam by a wall of fire so high it blotted out the sun. She may have only survived because she was knocked into the dried riverbed, sparing her from some of the flames.[3]


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