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Race and Gender Dunmer Male
Born 1st Era
Resided in Morrowind

Ephen (also called S'ephen)[1] was a Dunmer noble that was the center of a temple cult in the city-state of Mournhold, in the province of Morrowind. Ephen was given the purpose of guarding the Staff of Chaos.


S'ephen was the son of Kronin Ra'athim, the King of Ebonheart. He was born in Mournhold,[2] but because of his background, S'ephen was not considered a part of the Ra'athim Clan, and not a legitimate heir to the throne. He was described as his mother's son, rather than his father's.[1] During the Nordic Occupation of Morrowind, and the Nordic hold on Ebonheart, S'ephen, along with his father, and his half-brothers, Cruethys and Moraelyn would partake into raiding across the countryside until they would eventually take back Ebonheart from the Nords.[3]

As time went on, Moraelyn would become the King of Ebonheart and S'ephen would pass away at an undisclosed time. King Moraelyn would create a temple cult dedicated to Ephen, where he would be worshipped as a god.[1] Moraelyn would place the Staff of Chaos in the possession of Ephen, underneath Mournhold and leaving the impression that his tomb contained the Horn of Summoning. Several years later in the late Third Era, Queen Barenziah, and the enigmatic Nightingale ventured into the subterranean tunnels of Mournhold, to find Ephen's Tomb. The Nightingale, proclaiming his background as the heir of Moraelyn, was able to acquire the Staff of Chaos, and eventually bring it back to the Imperial City, in the possession of Jagar Tharn.[2]



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