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The Witches Festival is an annual event that falls on the 13th of Frostfall. During it, in the mortal world, the denizens of Tamriel defy their superstitious fears. Ghosts, demons, and evil spirits are mocked and celebrated by both occult occurrences and outrageous costumes.[1] Beggars take to the street and ask for alms, while children ask for festival treats.[2] And people are obliged to provide them it.[3] People carve pumpkins dubbed Hollowjack pumpkins in various shapes.[4] Witchmothers lure adventurers to take their brew in promise of power.[5]

The portals between Nirn and Detritus also open,[6] and the Daedra Lord Hha-Lugh-Zhek, better known as Hollowjack, terrorizes Nirn during the festival. He comes to feed on the fear of the people of Nirn, making their fears come true and making them mad.[7] Rumors have surfaced that people who ride their mounts at night all across Nirn during a moonless Witches Festival have the potential to become cursed to become Hollowjack Riders. The Witches Festival is surely a spooky time of the year.


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